1991 Sugo 500km

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The Sugo Inter 500 km, was the fifth round of both the 1991 All Japan Sports Prototype Championship and the 1991 Long Distance Series, held at the Sugo on 15 September, in front of a crowd of approximately 45,000.[1]



A total of 14 cars were entered for the event, in two classes, one for cars running to Group C1 specification and the other to IMSA GTP regulations.[2]


The Nisseki Racing Team of George Fouché and Steven Andskär took pole position, in their Porsche 962GTi ahead of the Toyota Team SARD’s Toyota 91C-V of Roland Ratzenberger and Pierre-Henri Raphanel, by only 0.047secs.[3]


The race was held over 135 laps of the Sportsland Sugo circuit, a distance of 500 km (actual distance was 500.075 km). Eje Elgh and Geoff Lees took the winner spoils for the Toyota Team Tom’s, driving their Toyota 91C-V. The European duo won in a time of 2hr 57:30.838mins., averaging a speed of 105.641 mph. Second place went to Akihiko Nakaya and Volker Weidler in the From A Racing’s Nissan R91CK who finished about 6.5 seconds adrift. Also on the lead lap, in third place was the Nissan Motorsport of Anders Olofsson and Masahiro Hasemi.[4]



Class Winners are in Bold text.

Pos. No. Class Drivers Entrant Car — Engine Time, Laps Reason Out
1st 37 C1 Sweden Eje Elgh United Kingdom Geoff Lees Toyota Team Tom’s Toyota 91C-V 2:57:30.838
2nd 27 C1 Japan Akihiko Nakaya Germany Volker Weidler From A Racing Nissan R91CK 2:57:37.020
3rd 1 C1 Japan Masahiro Hasemi Sweden Anders Olofsson Nissan Motorsport Nissan R91CP 2:58:55.982
4th 100 C1 South Africa George Fouché Sweden Steven Andskär Nisseki Racing Team Porsche 962GTi 132
5th 25 C1 Japan Hideki Okada Japan Masahiko Kageyama Team Le Mans Nissam R90VP 132
6th 18 C1 Italy Mauro Martini United States Jeff Krosnoff TWR Suntec Jaguar Jaguar XJR-11 129
7th 38 C1 Austria Roland Ratzenberger France Pierre-Henri Raphanel Toyota Team SARD Toyota 91C-V 127
8th 21 C1 Japan Hideo Fukuyama Japan Hideshi Matsuda Aoshima Tsunemasa Spice-Ford SE90C 127
9th 202 GTP Japan Tetsuya Ota Japan Takashi Yorino Mazdaspeed Mazda 787B 126
10th 36 C1 Japan Masanori Sekiya Japan Hitoshi Ogawa Toyota Team Tom’s Toyota 91C-V 126
11th 119 C1 Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino Japan Toshio Suzuki Nissan Motorsport Nissan R91CP 119
DNF 201 GTP Republic of Ireland David Kennedy Japan Yojiro Terada Mazdaspeed Mazda 787B 23 Course Out
DNF 230 GTP Japan Tetsuji Shiratori Japan Masatomo Shimizu Japan Syuuji Fujii Pleasure Racing Mazda 767 3 Differencial
DNQ 3 C1 Japan Taku Akaike Japan Karou Iida Navi Connection Racing Mazda-Ford 767B