1991 Virginia House of Delegates election

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Virginia House of Delegates election, 1991

← 1989 November 5, 1991 1993 →

All 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates
51 seats needed for a majority
Turnout49.1%[1] Decrease
  Majority party Minority party
  Delegate Moss 1988.jpg Delegate Guest 1988.jpg
Leader Tom Moss Andy Guest
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since September 28, 1991 December 3, 1985
Leader's seat 88th 31st
Last election 59+1 40
Seats won 58+1 41
Seat change Decrease 1 Increase 1

Speaker before election

Ford C. Quillen (acting)

Elected Speaker

Tom Moss

The Virginia House of Delegates election of 1991 was held on Tuesday, November 5. Just over a month earlier, on September 28, House Speaker A. L. Philpott died of cancer. Democratic floor leader Tom Moss led his party going into the election; Moss was elected Speaker two weeks later, after his conference maintained a majority in the chamber.

Election Results[2][edit]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
1 Ford C. Quillen Democratic 1969 Re-elected Ford C. Quillen (D) unopposed
2 Vacant Bud Phillips (D) unopposed
Bud Phillips
Redistricted from the 3rd district
Democratic 1989 Re-elected
3 Jackie T. Stump
Redistricted from the 4th district
Democratic 1989 Re-elected Jackie T. Stump (D) unopposed
4 Joseph P. Johnson, Jr.
Redistricted from the 6th district
Democratic 1965 Re-elected Joseph P. Johnson, Jr. (D) unopposed
5 C. Jefferson Stafford Republican 1971 Retired
Republican loss
Groven Cullen Jennings (D) 61.14%
Barnes Lee Kidd (R) 38.85%
Groven Cullen Jennings
Redistricted from the 7th district
Democratic 1981 Re-elected
6 Thomas M. Jackson, Jr.
Redistricted from the 8th district
Democratic 1987 Re-elected Thomas M. Jackson, Jr. (D) unopposed
7 Thomas G. Baker, Jr.
Redistricted from the 12th district
Republican 1989 Re-elected Thomas G. Baker, Jr. (R) 69.25%
Dallas L. Cox (D) 30.72%
8 G. Steven Agee
Redistricted from the 15th district
Republican 1981 Re-elected G. Steven Agee (R) unopposed
9 Willard R. Finney Democratic 1982 Re-elected Willard R. Finney (D) 52.53%
Kenneth S. Rush (R) 47.41%
10 Roscoe Reynolds Democratic 1985 Re-elected Roscoe Reynolds (D) unopposed
11 A. L. Philpott Democratic 1957 Retired
Democratic hold
Ward Armstrong (D) 76.84%
Naomi L. Hodge-Muse (R) 23.08%
12 Joan H. Munford
Redistricted from the 13th district
Democratic 1981 Re-elected Joan H. Munford (D) 57.22%
Alvah T. Leighton, Jr. (R) 42.78%
13 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Robert G. Marshall (R) 57.72%
R. Dale Reynolds (D) 42.22%
14 Richard Cranwell Democratic 1971 Re-elected Richard Cranwell (D) unopposed
15 Raymond R. Guest
Redistricted from the 31st district
Republican 1971 Re-elected Raymond R. Guest (R) unopposed
16 Clifton A. Woodrum Democratic 1979 Re-elected Clifton A. Woodrum (D) unopposed
14 A. Victor Thomas Democratic 1973 Re-elected A. Victor Thomas (D) 79.71%
Zaman K. McManaway (I) 20.27%
18 Emmett Hanger
Redistricted from the 26th district
Republican 1982 Loss re-election
Democratic gain
Creigh Deeds (D) 57.07%
Emmett Hanger (R) 42.93%

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