1992 Kids' Choice Awards

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1992 Kids' Choice Awards
1992 Kids' Choice Awards logo.jpg
DateNovember 14, 1992
LocationUniversal Studios Hollywood
Hosted byHolly Robinson
Brian Austin Green
Tori Spelling
Television/radio coverage
Produced byMark Offitzer
Directed byRichie Namm

The 6th Annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards was held on November 14, 1992, at Universal Studios Hollywood. Holly Robinson, Brian Austin Green, and Tori Spelling hosted the show.[1] This would be the last KCA broadcast until the 1994 show, as the network didn't air a show in 1993.

This was the first Kids' Choice Awards ceremony to be held live.[1]


Artist(s) Song(s)
Kris Kross "Warm It Up"
Joe Public "Live and Learn"
Shanice "Saving Forever for You"[2]

The cast of Roundhouse performed during the opening and closing of the show.[3]

Winners and nominees[edit]

Winners are listed first, in bold. Other nominees are in alphabetical order.


Favorite Movie Favorite Movie Actor
Favorite Movie Actress


Favorite TV Show Favorite TV Actor
Favorite TV Actress


Favorite Male Singer/Group Favorite Female Singer/Group
Favorite Song


Favorite Male Athlete Favorite Female Athlete
Favorite Sports Team

Special Recognition[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]


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