1992 Louis Vuitton Cup

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3rd Louis Vuitton Cup
Date 25 January - 30 April 1992
Winner Italy Il Moro di Venezia
Location San Diego, United States
The skippers of the 1992 Louis Vuitton Cup

The 3rd Louis Vuitton Cup was held in San Diego, United States in 1992. The winner, Il Moro di Venezia, went on to challenge for the 1992 America's Cup.

The teams[edit]

Eight challengers from seven nations contested the 1992 Louis Vuitton Cup. Together they spent over $250 million.[1] Il Moro di Venezia alone constructed four boats and spent over $85 million.

Club Team Skipper Yachts
Italy Compagnia della Vela di Venezia Il Moro di Venezia United States Paul Cayard ITA-25
Australia Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Australian Challenge Australia Syd Fischer AUS-17
Australia Darling Harbour Yacht Club Spirit of Australia Australia Peter Gilmour AUS-21
Spain Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayona Desafio Español Copa America Spain Pedro Campos Calvo-Sotelo ESP-22
France Yacht Club de Sète Le Defi Francais 95 France Marc Pajot FRA-27
Japan Nippon Ocean Racing Club Nippon Challenge New Zealand Chris Dickson JPN-26
New Zealand Mercury Bay Boating Club New Zealand Challenge New Zealand Rod Davis NZL-20
Sweden Stenungsbaden Yacht Club Swedish America's Cup Challenge Sweden Gunnar Krantz SWE-19

Il Moro di Venezia[edit]

The Italian challenge Il Moro Challenge was funded by Raul Gardini and skippered by American Paul Cayard. The primary designer was Germán Frers and the operations manager was Laurent Esquier. John Kolius was involved but could not sail as he had not completed his Italian eligibility requirements.[2] Tommaso Chieffi was the tactician and Enrico Chieffi was the navigator. Other crew included Robert Hopkins and Steven Erickson.[3][4]

Australian Challenge[edit]

From Sydney's Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, the Australian Challenge was skippered by Syd Fischer. Colin Beashel was the helmsman and Hugh Treharne the tactician.[5]

Spirit of Australia[edit]

A second Australian challenge from Sydney, Spirit of Australia was headed by Iain Murray, skippered by Peter Gilmour and the team included Tom Schnackenberg.[5]

Desafio Español Copa America[edit]

From Spain, ESP-22 was skippered by Pedro Campos Calvo-Sotelo and coached by Peter Lester.[6] The crew included Antonio Gorostegui.[5]

Le Defi Francais 95[edit]

Le Defi Francais 95 was skippered by Marc Pajot. Bertrand Pacé was the backup helmsman and navigator.

Nippon Challenge[edit]

The first entry from Japan, Nippon Challenge was skippered by Chris Dickson, who had fallen out with the New Zealand Challenge during the 1987 Louis Vuitton Cup. John Cutler was the tactician and the crew included Erle Williams and Mike Spanhake.[7]

New Zealand Challenge[edit]

Michael Fay financed what would be his final New Zealand Challenge. Managed by Peter Blake, the team was skippered by Rod Davis and NZL 20's crew included tactician David Barnes, bow, Alan Smith; mid-bow, David Brooke; mast, Barry McKay; pit, Denis Kendall; floater, Mark Hauser; grinders, Andrew Taylor and Sean Clarkson; genoa trimmers, Kevin Shoebridge and Grant Loretz; mainsheet traveler, Don Cowie; mainsheet trimmer, Simon Daubney; and running backstays, Tony Rae and Peter Evans. Russell Coutts sailed the second boat and additional crew members included Chris Salthouse, Robbie Naismith, Ross Halcrow, Warwick Fleury, Matt Mason, Dean Phipps, Gavin Brady and Nick Heron.[8][7]

Coutts and Brad Butterworth replaced Davis and Barnes during the Louis Vuitton Cup finals.[9]

Swedish America's Cup Challenge[edit]

From the Stenungsbaden Yacht Club, the challenge was skippered by Gunnar Krantz.

Round robin[edit]

Team name Races Won RR1 Pts. RR2 Pts. RR3 Pts. Total Pts. Ranking
Japan Nippon Challenge 21 18 6 20 56 82 1
New Zealand New Zealand Challenge 21 18 6 28 40 74 2
Italy Il Moro di Venezia 21 16 5 24 40 69 3
France Le Defi Francais 95 21 14 5 16 40 61 4
Spain Desafio Español Copa America 21 7 2 12 16 30 5
Australia Spirit of Australia 21 7 3 8 16 27 6
Sweden Swedish America's Cup Challenge 21 3 1 4 8 13 7
Australia Australia Challenge 21 1 0 0 8 8 8

During RR1 a team scored 1 point per win. During RR2 a team scored 4 points per win. During RR3 a team scored 8 points per win.


Semi finals[edit]

Team name Races Won Ranking
New Zealand New Zealand Challenge 9 7 1
Italy Il Moro di Venezia 9 5 2
Japan Nippon Challenge 9 3 3=
France Le Defi Francais 95 9 3 3=


Team Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T
New Zealand New Zealand Challenge W (1:32) L W (0:34) W (2:26) W (2:38)* L L L L 3
Italy Il Moro di Venezia L W (0:01) L L L* W (0:43) W (0:53) W (0:20) W (1:33) 5

*Race removed from records after Il Moro di Venezia were successful in a protest over New Zealand's bowsprit.


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