1992 Paris–Cape Town Rally

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1992 Dakar Rally
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Cars and motorcycles on the start of the rally in Paris

The 1992 Paris-Cape Town Rally was the 14th running of the Dakar Rally event with a unique routing. The rally had a 7,722-mile (12,427 km) long route, starting from Paris, France, on 23 December 1991 and finishing at Cape Town, South Africa, on 16 January 1992. The route passed through Libya, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Angola, and Namibia.[1] Hubert Auriol won the car category to go with his two victories in the motorcycle category. Stephane Peterhansel won the motorcycle category for the second year in succession.[1] The fastest truck in common car-truck classification was Francesco Perlini´s Perlini on 16th place.


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