1992 Taça de Portugal Final

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1992 Taça de Portugal Final
Event 1991–92 Taça de Portugal
Date 24 May 1992
Venue Estádio Nacional, Oeiras
Referee Veiga Trigo (Beja)[1]

The 1992 Taça de Portugal Final was the final match of the 1991–92 Taça de Portugal, the 52nd season of the Taça de Portugal, the premier Portuguese football cup competition organized by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). The match was played on 24 May 1992 at the Estádio Nacional in Oeiras, and opposed two Primeira Liga sides: Boavista and Porto. Boavista defeated Porto 2–1 to claim the Taça de Portugal for a fourth time in their history.[2]

In Portugal, the final was televised live on RTP. As a result of Boavista winning the Taça de Portugal, the Panteras qualified for the 1992 Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira where they took on their cup opponents who won the 1991–92 Primeira Divisão.[3][4]



24 May 1992
17:00 WEST
Boavista 2 – 1 Porto
Brandão Goal 33'
Ricky Goal 55'
(Report) Magalhães Goal 52'
Estádio Nacional, Oeiras
Referee: Veiga Trigo (Beja)[1]
GK 1 Portugal Alfredo
RWB 2 Portugal Paulo Sousa
CB 3 Portugal Samuel
CB 4 Portugal Pedro Barny
LWB 5 Portugal Fernando Mendes
MF 11 Portugal Rui Casaca (c)
MF 6 Portugal José Tavares
MF 7 Portugal Bobó
FW 10 Portugal João Pinto Substituted off 82'
CF 9 Nigeria Ricky
FW 8 Brazil Marlon Brandão Substituted off 67'
GK Portugal Costinha
CB 13 Portugal António Nogueira Substituted in 67'
LM 15 Portugal Nelo Substituted in 82'
MF Portugal Carlos Manuel
MF Portugal Cobra
Portugal Manuel
GK 1 Portugal Vítor Baía
RB 2 Portugal João Pinto (c)
CB 4 Brazil Aloísio
CB 5 Portugal Fernando Couto
LB 3 Brazil Paulo Pereira Substituted off 66'
RM 6 Portugal Rui Filipe
CM 11 Portugal António André Substituted off 46'
CM 7 Portugal Jaime Magalhães
LM 10 Romania Ion Timofte
CF 8 Bulgaria Emil Kostadinov
CF 9 Portugal Domingos
GK Portugal Vítor Valente
DF Czech Republic Lubomír Vlk Substituted in 66'
MF Portugal Jorge Couto
MF Portugal José Semedo Substituted in 46'
FW Brazil Jorge Andrade
Brazil Carlos Alberto Silva
1991–92 Taça de Portugal Winners
4th Title
Match officials
  • Assistant referees:
  • Fourth official:
Match rules
  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra time if necessary.
  • Maximum of two substitutions
  • Five named substitutes


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