1992 United States Senate election in Arkansas

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United States Senate election in Arkansas, 1992

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  Dale Bumpers.jpg Huckabee-SF-CC-024.jpg
Nominee Dale Bumpers Mike Huckabee
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 553,635 366,373
Percentage 60.2% 39.8%

Arkansas Senate Election Results by County, 1992.svg
County Results

Bumpers:      50–60%      60–70%      70–80%      80–90%

Huckabee:      50–60%

U.S. Senator before election

Dale Bumpers

Elected U.S. Senator

Dale Bumpers

The 1992 United States Senate election in Arkansas was held on November 3, 1992. Incumbent Democratic Senator Dale Bumpers won re-election to a fourth term. His Republican opponent was future Arkansas lieutenant governor, governor, and two-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, a church pastor from Texarkana.

The 1992 election coincided with Arkansas governor Bill Clinton's election as President of the United States, in which he also won his home state. In contrast with Bumpers' landslide where he won over 60% of the vote, Clinton won only 53% of the vote. Bumpers would serve another term in the U.S. Senate before deciding to retire in 1998. As of 2016, this would be the last time that Arkansas would simultaneously vote for a Democratic Presidential and a Democratic Senate candidate.

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Arkansas Senate election 1992[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Dale Bumpers 553,635 60.2%
Republican Mike Huckabee 366,373 39.8%

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