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The year 1992 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1992.


Date Event
January 6 The weekly overnight news program World News Now debuts on ABC.
January 10 The Days of Our Lives nighttime special One Stormy Night is broadcast by NBC.
April 6 Barney & Friends debuts on PBS.
April 30 The Cosby Show series finale was televised by NBC.
The Nickelodeon time capsule is buried at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida.
May 22 After 30 years, 66-year-old Johnny Carson hosted The Tonight Show for the last time.
May 25 Jay Leno debuted as host of The Tonight Show.
June 1 WNBC New York dropped the "-TV" suffix from its call letters (following the sale in 1988 of its sister radio station WNBC-AM by NBC's then-parent company General Electric)in favor of the new branding slogan "4 New York". The accompanying station image campaign was titled We're 4 New York and featured a musical theme composed by Edd Kalehoff. The campaign is revived two times, one is during the 2002 Winter Olympics and the recent one in 2007.
June 3 Presidential candidate Bill Clinton appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show. Clinton even played the saxophone with the band.
June 23 Another World broadcasts its first and only primetime episode, named Summer Desire, right before the Daytime Emmy Awards.
June 29 Family Feud on CBS with Ray Combs becomes the hour-long Family Feud Challenge.
August 7 After Growing Pains actress Tracey Gold loses a massive amount of weight due to anorexia nervosa, she was placed in hospital care (as a result, she is written out of most of the final episodes).
August 15 Nickelodeon began a Saturday night programming block called SNICK.
September 4 Scared Silent: Ending and Exposing Child Abuse, a one-hour live special, was hosted by Oprah Winfrey.
September 8 NY1, a 24-hour news channel dedicated to New York City, launches.
September 12 NBC is the first network to cancel all their Saturday morning cartoons in favor of four shows, Saved By The Bell, California Dreams, NBA Inside Stuff, and Name Your Adventure under the TNBC banner. A weekend version of Today is also added.
September 21 Square One TV is resumed for its fifth and final season.
September 24 The Sci-Fi Channel launches with a broadcast of Star Wars.
September 27 Marlon Wayans and Alexandra Wentworth joined the cast of In Living Color. Wayans only joins the cast for 13 episodes. Wentworth joins the cast full-time this season, and the 1993–94 season (the fifth and final season).
October 1 Cartoon Network goes on the air.
October 3 Sinéad O'Connor caused controversy when she rips up a picture of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live.
October 17 Kristy McNichol's last episode of Empty Nest, entitled The Boomerang Affair, was broadcast. (McNichol would return for the series finale in 1995.)
November 1 Texas billionaire Ross Perot bought blocks of TV time for his presidential campaign.
November 18 The Seinfeld episode "The Contest" was broadcast. (It was somewhat controversial, but would later win an Emmy Award, as well as be named the number one episode of all time by TV Guide.)
November 27 The TV movie Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style was broadcast by NBC.
December 1 The Young and the Restless broadcast its 5,000th episode. In celebration of this promotion, The Price is Right featured a Y&R-themed Showcase.


Debuting this year[edit]

Date Show Network
January 6 World News Now ABC
January 10 Hearts Are Wild CBS
January 17 Tequila and Bonetti
January 29 Nightmare Cafe NBC
January 31 Billy ABC
February 28 Scorch CBS
March 7 The Powers That Be NBC
March 24 Room for Two ABC
March 31 Dateline NBC NBC
April 5 Mann & Machine
Stand By Your Man Fox
April 6 Barney & Friends PBS
April 11 Code 3 Fox
April 17 Sightings
April 20 Goof Troop Syndication and ABC
May 21 The Real World MTV
May 25 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno NBC
May 30 Julie ABC
June 24 Raven CBS
July 8 Melrose Place Fox
August 15 Roundhouse Nickelodeon
August 16 Secret Service NBC
August 27 The Heights Fox
September 5 Batman: The Animated Series Fox Kids
September 10 Lamb Chop's Play-Along PBS
September 11 The Little Mermaid CBS Toontastic
September 12 Fievel's American Tails
Raw Toonage
The Addams Family ABC
Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa
California Dreams TNBC
Name Your Adventure
Eek! The Cat Fox Kids
September 13 Flying Blind Fox
September 14 Hearts Afire CBS
September 15 Delta ABC
September 16 The Hat Squad CBS
September 18 Bob
The Golden Palace
Picket Fences
Camp Wilder ABC
Final Appeal NBC
The Round Table
September 19 The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys CBS Toontastic
Beakman's World
Nickelodeon Guts Nickelodeon
The Plucky Duck Show Fox Kids
September 20 Great Scott! Fox
September 21 Love & War CBS
The Further Adventures of Zook & Alison from Square One TV PBS
September 22 Hangin' with Mr. Cooper ABC
September 23 Mad About You NBC
September 24 Street Stories with Ed Bradley CBS
Rhythm & Blues NBC
September 25 What Happened?
September 26 Dog City Fox Kids
September 27 The Ben Stiller Show Fox
September 30 Laurie Hill ABC
October 4 Ghostwriter PBS
October 5 Born Lucky Lifetime
October 17 I Witness Video NBC
October 31 X-Men Fox Kids

Ending this year[edit]

Date Show Debut
January 4 Yo Yogi! 1991
March 5 Drexell's Class
March 13 Candid Camera
Scorch 1992
March 19 Danger Mouse 1981
April 25 Growing Pains 1985
Who's The Boss? 1984
April 30 The Cosby Show
May 7 Beetlejuice: The Animated Series 1989
May 9 The Golden Girls 1985
May 13 The Royal Family 1991
May 17 Superboy 1988
May 21 MacGyver 1985
May 22 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1962
May 31 Night Court 1984
June 11 McGee and Me! 1989
June 29 Salute Your Shorts 1991
July 4 Julie 1992
November 5 WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 1985
November 6 Square One TV 1987
November 28 The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys 1992
Good Morning, Mickey! 1983
December 5 Darkwing Duck 1991
Raw Toonage 1992
December 12 The Plucky Duck Show
December 26 Widget the World Watcher 1990

Changing networks[edit]

The following shows aired new episodes on a different network than previous first-run episodes:

Show Moved From Moved To
Hi Honey, I'm Home! ABC Nick at Nite
Davis Rules CBS
In the Heat of the Night NBC
Matlock ABC
Jim Henson's Muppet Babies CBS Nick Jr.


Date Name Notability
April 8 Shelby Young Actress (Days of Our Lives)
May 18 Spencer Breslin Actor (Center of the Universe)
June 14 Daryl Sabara Actor (Generator Rex)
June 26 Jennette McCurdy Actress (iCarly)
July 22 Selena Gomez Actress/singer (Wizards of Waverly Place)
August 2 Hallie Kate Eisenberg Actress (Pepsi commercials)
August 4 Dylan and Cole Sprouse Actors (The Suite Life of Zack & Cody)
August 20 Demi Lovato Actress & singer (The X Factor)
September 28 Keir Gilchrist Actor (United States of Tara)
October 9 Tyler James Williams Actor (Everybody Hates Chris)
October 15 Vincent Martella Actor (Phineas and Ferb)
October 30 Tequan Richmond Actor (Everybody Hates Chris)
November 18 Nathan Kress Actor (iCarly)
November 23 Miley Cyrus Singer and actress (Hannah Montana)
December 18 Bridgit Mendler Actress (Good Luck Charlie)


Date Name Age Notability
January 7 Richard Hunt 40 Puppeteer (The Muppet Show)
January 26 José Ferrer 80 Actor (Newhart recurring role)
February 2 Bert Parks 77 Longtime host of the Miss America beauty pageant
February 20 Dick York 63 Actor (the 1st Darren Stephens on Bewitched)
March 25 Nancy Walker 69 Actress (Ida on Rhoda, Rosie the Bounty lady)
May 12 Robert Reed 59 Actor (Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch)
May 17 Lawrence Welk 89 Accordionist and bandleader (The Lawrence Welk Show)
June 6 Larry Riley 38 Actor (Knots Landing)
June 15 Chuck Menville 52 Animator and writer (The Smurfs)
June 22 Chuck Mitchell 64 Actor (General Hospital)
July 9 Eric Sevareid 79 News commentator
October 16 Shirley Booth 94 Actress (Hazel)
October 22 Cleavon Little 53 Actor (Temperatures Rising)
November 7 Jack Kelly 65 Actor (Bart Maverick on Maverick)
November 10 Chuck Connors 71 Actor (Lucas McCain on The Rifleman)
November 22 Sterling Holloway 87 Actor (voice of Winnie-the-Pooh)
December 18 Mark Goodson 77 Producer of game shows (Match Game, Blockbusters, The Price is Right)
December 24 Peyo 64 Also known as "Peyo"; Belgian creator of The Smurfs