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The Triple Crown Tournament was a cricket competition staged annually from 1993 to 2001 between the Home Nations; that is to say Ireland, Scotland, Wales and a team representing England. England were not represented by the professional English cricket team, but rather by an England Amateur XI in 1993 and 1994, by an England National Cricket Association XI in 1995 and 1996, and an England Cricket Board XI from 1997 onwards.

Matches were one-day affairs, and were 55 overs a side in the first three tournaments, but 50 overs thereafter. Although internationals, they are considered minor matches, that is, games without the List A status granted to more important one-day competitions. The venue for the tournament rotated around the four competing nations, with England hosting the first competition.[citation needed]

In the nine years of the competition, Scotland were by some way the most successful team, winning five titles compared with three for England, one for Ireland and none for Wales.

1993 British Isles Championship[edit]

1993 British Isles Championship or 1993 Triple Crown Tournament
Administrator(s) English Cricket Board
Cricket format Limited overs cricket
Tournament format(s) Round-robin
Host(s) England England
Champions England [NCA England] (1st title)
Participants 4
Matches played 6
Official website Cricket Europe

The 1993 British Isles Championship is a cricket tournament that took place in 1993 in England.[1] It was an initiative to help in the development of cricket in British Isles. The tournament was won by England NCA while Ireland came second. It was the first of 9 such tournaments held which was later replaced with European Cricket Championship


Group stage[edit]