1993 Czech Republic motorcycle Grand Prix

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Czech Republic  1993 Czech Republic Grand Prix
Race details
Race 11 of 14 races in the
1993 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Brno (formerly Masarykův okruh).svg
Date 22 August 1993
Location Brno
Course Permanent racing facility
5.403 km (3.357 mi)
500 cc
Pole position
Rider United States Wayne Rainey
Time 2:02.448
Fastest lap
Rider United States Wayne Rainey
Time 2:03.154
First United States Wayne Rainey
Second Italy Luca Cadalora
Third Australia Mick Doohan
250 cc
Pole position
Rider Italy Loris Capirossi
Time 2:05.008
Fastest lap
Rider Italy Loris Capirossi
Time 2:05.681
First Italy Loris Reggiani
Second Italy Max Biaggi
Third Spain Alberto Puig
125 cc
Pole position
Rider Japan Kazuto Sakata
Time 2:12.540
Fastest lap
Rider Japan Kazuto Sakata
Time 2:13.164
First Japan Kazuto Sakata
Second Germany Dirk Raudies
Third Japan Takeshi Tsujimura

The 1993 Czech Republic motorcycle Grand Prix was the eleventh round of the 1993 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on 22 August 1993 at the Masaryk Circuit located in Brno, Czech Republic.

500 cc race report[edit]

John Kocinski is given a Cagiva to ride after impressing them during testing.

Kevin Schwantz needs to do well, and very disappointingly, qualifies in the 2nd row. Kenny Roberts looks happy that Rainey qualifies in 1st, his first pole since 1991. Kocinski gives Cagiva one of their best qualifyings with 3rd on the grid.

Kocinski jump-starts but stops it immediately before the green light. Luca Cadalora gets the start from Rainey, Kocinski and Mick Doohan.

Rainey takes the front from Cadalora, Doohan, Kocinski, Shinichi Itoh and Daryl Beattie.

Team Roberts has found a good setting, because Rainey and Cadalora immediately open a gap.

Niall Mackenzie lowsides out.

Schwantz is struggling around 5th. He later admits that he tore some muscles in his shoulder in the Donington crash, and that it interfered with his riding.

Team orders don’t need to be remembered, because Rainey has disappeared into the distance. With 3 rounds left, Rainey has an 11-point lead on Schwantz.

500 cc classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 United States Wayne Rainey Yamaha 45:39.002 25
2 Italy Luca Cadalora Yamaha +7.770 20
3 Australia Mick Doohan Honda +10.790 16
4 United States John Kocinski Cagiva +13.094 13
5 United States Kevin Schwantz Suzuki +27.090 11
6 Australia Daryl Beattie Honda +27.276 10
7 Japan Shinichi Itoh Honda +39.716 9
8 Spain Àlex Crivillé Honda +44.818 8
9 United States Doug Chandler Cagiva +55.844 7
10 Brazil Alex Barros Suzuki +1:01.696 6
11 France Bernard Garcia Yamaha +1:20.048 5
12 United Kingdom John Reynolds Harris Yamaha +1:21.726 4
13 Germany Michael Rudroff Harris Yamaha +1:21.904 3
14 Spain Juan Lopez Mella ROC Yamaha +1:29.597 2
15 France José Kuhn Yamaha +1:30.107 1
16 United Kingdom Jeremy McWilliams Yamaha +1:30.262
17 Italy Renato Colleoni ROC Yamaha +1:57.096
18 Austria Andreas Meklau ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
19 United Kingdom David Jefferies Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
20 Italy Lucio Pedercini ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
21 Italy Marco Papa Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
22 France Bruno Bonhuil ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
Ret France Thierry Crine ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret United Kingdom Niall Mackenzie ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret New Zealand Andrew Stroud Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret United States Freddie Spencer Yamaha Retirement
Ret United Kingdom Sean Emmett Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret United Kingdom Kevin Mitchell Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret Netherlands Cees Doorakkers Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret Belgium Laurent Naveau ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret Switzerland Serge David ROC Yamaha Retirement

250 cc classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 Italy Loris Reggiani Aprilia 42:28.194 25
2 Italy Max Biaggi Honda +0.979 20
3 Spain Alberto Puig Honda +1.328 16
4 Italy Doriano Romboni Honda +1.366 13
5 Italy Loris Capirossi Honda +9.774 11
6 Japan Tetsuya Harada Yamaha +10.142 10
7 Germany Helmut Bradl Honda +10.528 9
8 Italy Pierfrancesco Chili Yamaha +10.792 8
9 Germany Jochen Schmid Yamaha +12.566 7
10 Japan Nobuatsu Aoki Honda +26.674 6
11 Japan Tadayuki Okada Honda +31.509 5
12 Netherlands Wilco Zeelenberg Aprilia +31.710 4
13 New Zealand Simon Crafar Suzuki +43.828 3
14 Netherlands Patrick van den Goorbergh Aprilia +59.628 2
15 France Frédéric Protat Aprilia +1:00.071 1
16 Spain Luis Maurel Aprilia +1:00.160
17 Switzerland Adrian Bosshard Honda +1:00.211
18 Netherlands Jurgen van den Goorbergh Aprilia +1:00.753
19 Switzerland Bernard Haenggeli Aprilia +1:00.872
20 Spain Pere Riba Honda +1:46.858
21 Germany Volker Bähr Honda +1:46.946
22 Italy Massimo Pennacchioli Honda +1 Lap
Ret Switzerland Eskil Suter Aprilia Retirement
Ret Spain Carlos Checa Honda Retirement
Ret Spain Luis d'Antin Honda Retirement
Ret France Jean-Michel Bayle Aprilia Retirement
Ret Germany Bernd Kassner Aprilia Retirement
Ret France Jean-Philippe Ruggia Aprilia Retirement
Ret Czech Republic Bohumil Staša Jr. Aprilia Retirement
Ret Austria Andreas Preining Aprilia Retirement
Ret Czech Republic Marek Morávek Yamaha Retirement
Ret Spain Juan Borja Honda Retirement

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