1993 Djiboutian presidential election

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Presidential elections were held in Djibouti on 7 May 1993. They followed the constitutional changes approved in a referendum the previous year, which re-introduced multi-party democracy, and were the first presidential elections to feature more than one candidate. Nevertheless, incumbent President Hassan Gouled Aptidon of the People's Rally for Progress won, taking 60.7% of the vote, based on a 51.25 turnout.[1]


Candidate Party Votes %
Hassan Gouled Aptidon People's Rally for Progress 45,162 60.7
Mohamed Djama Elabé Democratic Renewal Party 16,386 22.0
Aden Robleh Awaleh National Democratic Party 9,143 12.3
Mohamed Moussa Ali Independent 2,185 2.9
Ahmed Ibrahim Abdi Independent 1,466 1.9
Invalid/blank votes 1,750 -
Total 76,092 100
Source: Nohlen et al.


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