1993 James Hardie 12 Hour

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1993 James Hardie 12 Hour
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The 1993 James Hardie 12 Hour was an endurance race for production cars staged at the Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst, New South Wales on 11 April 1993.

Class structure[edit]

The field was divided into six classes:

Class A[edit]

Class A : Touring Cars Under 1800cc - featured a battle between Toyota Corolla and smaller, lighter Suzuki Swift.

Class B[edit]

Class B : Touring Cars 1801- 2500cc - was made up of a variety of cars, Citroën BX, Hyundai Lantra, Mazda 323, Nissan Pintara and Nissan Pulsar

Class C[edit]

Class C : Touring Cars 2501-4000cc - a class intended for six cylinder Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore saw an influx of naturally aspirated sports cars, Honda NSX and Porsche 968 which were expected to be outright threats.

Class D[edit]

Class D : Touring Cars Over 4000cc - featured V8 powered Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore with the production car version of the Holden touring car expected to be fastest.

Class S[edit]

Class S : Sports Cars Under 2200cc - was dominated by Toyota MR2 but also contained Honda CRX and Nissan NX.

Class T[edit]

Class T : Turbo and 4WD Cars - mixed class featuring small turbos, Ford Laser, Hyundai Scoupe and Mitsubishi Lancer but also larger Mitsubishi Galant and Subaru Liberty but was largely dominated by larger sports cars, Lotus Esprit, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota Supra and in particular the factory supported team of Mazda RX-7s.


Results of the event are given below.

Position Drivers No. Car Entrant Class Laps
1 Alan Jones
Garry Waldon
7 Mazda RX-7 Mazda Australia T 263
2 Charlie O'Brien
Gregg Hansford
1 Mazda RX-7 Mazda Australia T 261
3 Ian Palmer
Wayne Gardner
Ross Palmer
8 Honda NSX Palmer Tube Mills C 253
4 Graham Neilsen
Keith Carling
Bill Gillespie
3 Nissan Skyline GT-R Falken Tyres T 247
5 Kent Youlden
Brett Youlden
Chris Muscat
25 Ford EB Falcon XR6 Kent Youlden C 245
6 Juan Manuel Fangio II
Peter McKay
Rick Bates
2 Toyota MR2 Neal Bates Motorsport S 245
7 John Trimbole
Rohan Cooke
David Grose
41 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Daily Planet Racing T 242
8 Tony Scott
Peter Brock
6 Holden VP Commodore SS Castle Hill Racing D 242
9 Peter Whitaker
Calvin Gardner
Neal Bates
20 Toyota MR2 Peter Whitaker S 240
10 James Baird
Andrew Solness
Ray Lintott
9 Ford EB Falcon XR8 James Baird D 240
11 Kevin Burton
Peter Vorst
Keith McCulloch
50 Ford EB Falcon SS Kevin Burton C 239
12 Mark Brame
Henry Draper
Barry Devlin
56 Suzuki Swift GTi Mark Brame A 238
13 Robin Bennett
David Borg
Gary Merlino
32 Toyota MR2 Robin Bennett S 238
14 Mark Williams
Darren Parmenter
Chris Madden
57 Ford Laser TX3 Turbo Fourtech Performance T 237
15 Harry Bargwanna
Chris Symonds
Trevor Symonds
34 Toyota Corolla Larry King A 237
16 Murray Carter
Damon Beck
Brian Wilshire
12 Nissan Pulsar SSS Murray Carter Racing B 236
17 Geoff Forshaw
Warren Rush
Phil Alexander
24 Ford Laser TX3 Turbo T 235
18 David Sala
John Faulkner
Geoff Full
30 Toyota Corolla David Sala A 235
19 John Mathews
Rod Jones
Mick Newton
11 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Ded. Micros Australia T 234
20 Chris Walker
Andrew Wilson
Russell Becker
33 Mazda 323 Astina SP Falken Tyres B 234
21 Steven Richards
Paul Fordham
22 Nissan Pulsar SSS Garry Rogers Motorsport B 234
22 Glenn Jordan
Bill Harris
53 Suzuki Swift GTi Glenn Jordan A 233
23 Mark Ferrier
Phil Parsons
Neil Robson
28 Suzuki Swift GTi Clark Australia A 230
24 Colin Osborne
Keith Byrn
Tony Regan
51 Toyota Corolla Colin Osborne A 228
25 Terry Skene
Tim Grant
Kevin Heffernan
40 Holden VP Commodore SS Spirit of Logan C 227
26 Roland Hill
Jeff Edwards
Evert Harder
37 Holden VN Commodore S Evert Harder C 226
27 Danny Bogut
Fred Sayers
Warren Thompson
29 Suzuki Swift GTi Autobarn Springvale A 225
28 Bevan Purcell
John Lusty
Steven Pocock
36 Nissan Pintara TRX Bevan Purcell B 222
29 Danny Osborne
Barney Morris
Adam Kaplan
52 Toyota Corolla Colin Osborne A 221
30 Ron Masing
Peter Howard
26 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Ron Masing T 216
31 Glenn Clark
Glen McIntyre
Terry Lewis
16 Citroën BX16 Peter McLeod B 215
32 Mark Williamson
Ian Sawtell
58 Suzuki Swift GTi Carrier Air Conditioning A 215
33 John Bourke
Allan Grice
15 Toyota Supra Hardie Iplex Pipe T 214
34 Garry Rogers
Terry Sheil
21 Subaru Liberty RS Turbo Garry Rogers Motorsport T 211
35 Steve Vass
Trevor Hine
Phillip Johnson
54 Ford Laser TX3 Turbo Steve Vass T 207
36 Peter Janssen
Mark Craig
David Gittus
47 Nissan NX Peter Janssen S 207
37 Steve Hardman
David Stone
John Targett
10 Hyundai Lantra Steve Hardman B 203
38 Richard Wilson
Troy Nicholson
Darren Pate
43 Holden VN Commodore SS Group A SV Richard Wilson D 199
39 Bob Griffen
Geoff Fickling
Peter Taffa
38 Holden VP Commodore SS Bob Griffen C 199
DNF Stephen Shedden
Jason Bargwanna
Scott Bargwanna
55 Toyota MR2 Fowler Bathroom Products S 228
DNF James Faneco
Alan Gough
35 Hyundai Scoupe James Faneco T 194
DNF Peter McLeod
Peter Dane
Peter Janson
19 Citroën BX16 Peter McLeod B 191
DNF Darrell Dixon
Graham Lusty
Alan Letcher
42 Ford EA Falcon S Darrell Dixon C 191
DNF George Santana
John Pollard
48 Honda CRX Revolution Racegear S 183
DNF Larry Perkins
Ron Barnacle
18 Lotus Esprit S4 Team Sony Lotus T 174
DNF Chris Clearihan
Jane Taylor
Chris Wiles
14 Citroën BX16 Peter McLeod B 74
DNF Craig Dare
Terry Finnigan
Brian Callaghan
27 Ford Laser TX3 Turbo Craig Dare T 54
DNF Tom Watkinson
Garry Willmington
49 Toyota Corolla Tom Watkinson A 30
DNF Chris Sexton
Rod Dawson
Wayne Osborne
39 Ford EB Falcon S Chistopher Sexton C 13
DNF Ray Ryan
Harry Dutton
Jim Runciman
23 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Ray Ryan T 2
DNF Dick Johnson
Cameron McConville
Steven Johnson
17 Ford Laser TX3 Turbo Dick Johnson Racing T 1
DSQ John Smith
Kevin Waldock
5 Porsche 968 CS Quell Fire & Safety Equipment C 263
DSQ Peter Fitzgerald
Brett Peters
Nicholas Leutweiler
4 Porsche 968 CS Hardie Dux C 263


  • Pole Position - #18 Larry Perkins - 2:32.89 [1]
  • Fastest Lap - #18 Larry Perkins - 2:31.77 (147.37 km/h) [1]
  • Winners' Average Speed - 136.09 km/h [1]


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