1993 Los Angeles Rams season

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1993 Los Angeles Rams season
Head coach Chuck Knox
General manager John Shaw
Owner Georgia Frontiere
Home field Anaheim Stadium
Local radio KMPC (710 AM)
Record 5–11
Division place 4th NFC West
Playoff finish Did Not Qualify
Pro Bowlers Jerome Bettis, RB
Sean Gilbert, DT
Team MVP Jerome Bettis
Team ROY Jerome Bettis
LA Rams Uniforms.png

The 1993 Los Angeles Rams season was the team's 56th year with the National Football League and the 48th season in Los Angeles. The Rams looked to improve on their 6-10 record from 1992 and make the playoffs for the first time since 1989. However, the season started off horribly, as the Rams were stomped 36-6 by the Packers in Green Bay in their first game. The Rams, however, rebounded with a 27-0 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers at home. This was followed by a 20-10 loss to the New York Giants and a 28-13 win over the Houston Oilers in Houston. After the win over Houston, the Rams dipped even further, losing their next 5 games to the New Orleans Saints at home (37-6), the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta (30-24), the Detroit Lions at home (16-13), the arch-rival San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco (40-17), and the Falcons at home (13-0), to drop to 2-7. After a surprising win over the Washington Redskins at home, the Rams were walloped in their next 2 games by the 49ers (35-10) at home and the Phoenix Cardinals in Arizona (38-10) as the Rams dropped to 3-9, assuring them of a 4th straight losing season and eliminating them from division contention. However, after a win over the Saints in New Orleans, the Rams remained in the playoff race. However, after a 15-3 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati, the Rams were eliminated from the playoffs for a 4th straight season. This was followed by an embarrassing 42-14 loss at home to the Cleveland Browns and a 20-6 win over the Bears at home. Ultimately, the Rams finished with a hapless 5-11 record and missed the playoffs for the 4th straight season.


1993 Draft Class[edit]

1993 Los Angeles Rams draft
Round Pick Player Position College Notes
1 10 Jerome Bettis *   Running back Notre Dame
2 39 Troy Drayton  Tight end Penn State
3 73 Russell White  Running back California
5 122 Sean LaChapelle  Wide receiver UCLA
5 127 Chuck Belin  Guard Wisconsin
6 149 Deral Boykin  Defensive back Louisville
7 179 Brad Fichtel  Center Eastern Illinois
8 206 Jeff Buffaloe  Punter Memphis
8 209 Maa Tanuvasa  Defensive end Hawaii
      Made roster    †   Pro Football Hall of Fame    *   Made at least one Pro Bowl during career

Undrafted free agents[edit]

1993 Undrafted Free Agents of note
Player Position College
Jamie Martin Quarterback Weber State



1993 Los Angeles Rams staff
Front office
  • Owner/President – Georgia Frontiere
  • Executive Vice President – John Shaw
  • Senior Vice President – Jay Zygmunt
  • Administrator of Football Operations – Jack Faulkner
  • Director of Player Personnel – John Becker

Head coaches

Offensive coaches

  • Offensive Coordinator – Ernie Zampese
  • Quarterbacks – Ted Tollner
  • Running Backs – Chick Harris
  • Wide Receivers – Milt Jackson
  • Tight Ends – Howard Tippett
  • Offensive Line – Jim Erkenbeck
  • Offensive Assistant – Chuck Knox Jr.
  • Offensive Assistant – Mike Martz
Defensive coaches
  • Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line – George Dyer
  • Linebackers – Dick Selcer
  • Defensive Backs – Rod Perry
  • Defensive Assistant – Greg Gaines

Special teams coaches

  • Special Teams – Howard Tippett

Strength and conditioning

  • Strength and Conditioning – Chris Clausen


1993 Los Angeles Rams roster

Running backs

Wide receivers

Tight ends

Offensive linemen

Defensive linemen


Defensive backs

Special teams

Rookies in italics

Regular season[edit]

Game Log[edit]

1993 Los Angeles Rams Game Log
Final games legend
Rams Win Rams Loss
"GB" legend
1st (NFC West) Not in Playoff Position In Playoff Position

Week 1[edit]

Week One: Los Angeles Rams (0–0) at Green Bay Packers (0–0)
1 2 34Total
Rams 3 3 006
Packers 9 10 14336

at Milwaukee County Stadium, Milwaukee

Game information

Week 2[edit]

Week Two: Pittsburgh Steelers (0–1) at Los Angeles Rams (0–1)
1 2 34Total
Steelers 0 0 000
Rams 0 14 31027

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information

Week 3[edit]

Week Three: Los Angeles Rams (1–1) at New York Giants (2–0)
1 2 34Total
Rams 0 3 0710
Giants 7 6 7020

at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

Game information

Week 4[edit]

Week Four: Los Angeles Rams (1–2) at Houston Oilers (1–2)
1 2 34Total
Rams 7 7 7728
Oilers 0 3 10013

at Houston Astrodome, Houston, Texas

Game information

Week 5[edit]

Week Five: New Orleans Saints (4–0) at Los Angeles Rams (2–2)
1 2 34Total
Saints 10 3 32137
Rams 3 0 306

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information

Week 7[edit]

After a week 6 bye, the Rams looked to get back into the win column on a Thursday night matchup with the then-winless Falcons in Atlanta. Los Angeles got off to a good enough start, leading 17–10 at half and 24–17 heading into the fourth quarter, but things fell apart for the Rams in the fourth. Atlanta scored 13 unanswered points in the final quarter to pull away from Los Angeles and register their first win of the 1993 season.

Week Seven: Los Angeles Rams (2–3) at Atlanta Falcons (0–5)
1 2 34Total
Rams 10 7 7024
Falcons 3 7 71330

at Georgia Dome, Atlanta

Game information

Week 8[edit]

Week Eight: Detroit Lions (4–2) at Los Angeles Rams (2–4)
1 2 34Total
Lions 0 3 31016
Rams 0 0 01313

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information

Week 9[edit]

Week Nine: Los Angeles Rams (2–5) at San Francisco 49ers (4–3)
1 2 34Total
Rams 3 0 7717
49ers 6 17 71040

at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, California

Game information

Week 11[edit]

Coming out of their second bye week, Los Angeles once again faced the Atlanta Falcons—this time, in Anaheim. While the Falcons were winless going into their last meeting with the Rams, since then, they had won two of their last three and came into the second matchup at 2–6. While Los Angeles was favored by three, the Rams could not get anything going offensively and lost to the Falcons, 13–0, being shut out at home for the first time since 1984.

Week Eleven: Atlanta Falcons (2–6) at Los Angeles Rams (2–6)
1 2 34Total
Falcons 3 3 7013
Rams 0 0 000

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information

Week 12[edit]

Week Twelve: Washington Redskins (2–7) at Los Angeles Rams (2–7)
1 2 34Total
Redskins 3 0 306
Rams 0 0 01010

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information

Week 13[edit]

Week Thirteen: San Francisco 49ers (7–3) at Los Angeles Rams (3–7)
1 2 34Total
49ers 7 14 7735
Rams 3 0 0710

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information

Week 14[edit]

Week fourteen saw Los Angeles lose yet again, falling to 3–9 on the season. While the Rams had been considered out of the running for the NFC West Championship for many weeks, with their loss to Phoenix, Los Angeles became mathematically eliminated from the NFC West. The Rams would eventually finish last in the division.

Week Fourteen: Los Angeles Rams (3–8) at Phoenix Cardinals (3–8)
1 2 34Total
Rams 3 0 0710
Cardinals 7 7 141038

at Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Arizona

Game information

Week 15[edit]

Week Fifteen: Los Angeles Rams (3–9) at New Orleans Saints (7–5)
1 2 34Total
Rams 10 0 13023
Saints 7 6 0720

at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

Game information

Week 16[edit]

For week 16, Los Angeles traveled to Cincinnati to face the one-win Bengals. Once again, the Rams were unable to put together a competent offense and were only able to score three points the entire game. With the loss to Cincinnati, Los Angeles found itself mathematically eliminated from playoff contention for the fourth straight season. At the time, the Rams also handed the Bengals only their second win of the season—their first incidentally came against the Rams' cross-town rival, the Raiders. Ram tackle Irv Eatman stated that "They [Cincinnati] beat us, they beat the Raiders, they played the 49ers tough and obviously they're just hell on California...they might be looking to put us on the schedule more frequently."

Week Sixteen: Los Angeles Rams (4–9) at Cincinnati Bengals (1–12)
1 2 34Total
Rams 0 3 003
Bengals 3 6 3315

at Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati

Game information

Week 17[edit]

Week Seventeen: Cleveland Browns (6–8) at Los Angeles Rams (4–10)
1 2 34Total
Browns 7 7 72142
Rams 7 0 0714

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information

Week 18[edit]

Week Eighteen: Chicago Bears (7–8) at Los Angeles Rams (4–11)
1 2 34Total
Bears 0 3 036
Rams 3 3 01420

at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California

Game information


NFC West
(2) San Francisco 49ers 10 6 0 .625 473 295 L2
New Orleans Saints 8 8 0 .500 317 343 W1
Atlanta Falcons 6 10 0 .375 316 385 L3
Los Angeles Rams 5 11 0 .313 221 367 W1

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