1993 Summer Deaflympics

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17th Summer Deaflympics
Host city Sofia, Bulgaria
Nations participating 52 countries
Athletes participating 1679 athletes
Events 126(14 disciplines)
Opening ceremony 24 July 1993
Closing ceremony 2 August 1993

The 1993 Summer Deaflympics officially known as the 17th Summer Deaflympics is an international multi-sport event that was held from 24 July 1993 to 2 August 1993.The event was hosted by Sofia, Bulgaria.[1]

More than 50 nations participated in the multi-sporting event and this was also the first instance where more than 50 nations competed in a single Deaflympic event. The Summer Games included 12 different sports.

Sofia was selected to host the Deaflympic event for the first time and after 20 years, the city went onto host the Summer Deaflympics competition in 2013. In fact, Sofia became only the second city in the world to have hosted the Summer Deaflympics event twice after Copenhagen.


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Preceded by
Christchurch, New Zealand
1993 Summer Deaflympics
Sofia, Bulgaria
Succeeded by
Copenhagen, Denmark