1993 U.S. Open Cup

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1993 U.S. Open Cup
CountryUnited States
ChampionsClub Deportivo Mexico
Runners-upPhiladelphia United German-Hungarians

The 1993 U.S. Open Cup was the 80th edition of the soccer tournament to crown the national champion of the United States.

San Francisco's Club Deportivo Mexico (SFSFL) won the Open Cup by defeating Philadelphia's United German-Hungarians 5-0 in the final at Kuntz Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

With coach Slavador Lopez and marksman Jose Angulo aboard, CD Mexico had outdueled defending Open Cup holders San Jose Oaks 1-0 in earlier regional stages, then swept through the regional final to a semifinal meeting with the Milwaukee Bavarians. In that semifinal, Angulo's goal kept the game 1-1. With the game in overtime and the San Francisco side down to nine men, Angulo broke through on his own twice to give his beleaguered side a memorable 3-1 win.


Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
WI Milwaukee Bavarians 1
MO Scott Gallagher 0
WI Milwaukee Bavarians 1
CA CD Mexico 3
CA CD Mexico 2a
CA Exiles SC 2
CA CD Mexico 5
PA United German-Hungarians 0
PA United German-Hungarians 1
NY New York Pancyprian-Freedoms 0
PA United German-Hungarians 2
FL McCormick Kickers 0
FL McCormick Kickers 1b
TX Dallas Rockets 1

a) CD Mexico advance 4-1 on penalties
b) McCormick Kickers advance 5-4 on penalties


Club Deportivo Mexico5-0United German-Hungarians
17' Vladimir Moreno
30' Elias Fonseca
56' Jose Cid Del Prado
58' Elias Fonseca
80' Jose Cid Del Prado

MVP: Elias Fonseca

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