1993 United States motorcycle Grand Prix

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United States  1993 United States Grand Prix
Race details
Race 13 of 14 races in the
1993 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Laguna Seca.svg
Date September 12, 1993
Location Laguna Seca
  • Permanent racing facility
  • 3.602 km (2.238 mi)
500 cc
Pole position
Rider Australia Mick Doohan
Time 1:26.417
Fastest lap
Rider United States Kevin Schwantz
Time 1:26.837
First United States John Kocinski
Second Brazil Alex Barros
Third Italy Luca Cadalora
250 cc
Pole position
Rider Italy Loris Capirossi
Time 1:27.756
Fastest lap
Rider Italy Loris Capirossi
Time 1:27.959
First Italy Loris Capirossi
Second Italy Doriano Romboni
Third Italy Loris Reggiani
125 cc
Pole position
Rider Japan Kazuto Sakata
Time 1:33.459
Fastest lap
Rider Japan Kazuto Sakata
Time 1:32.971
First Germany Dirk Raudies
Second Japan Kazuto Sakata
Third Germany Ralf Waldmann

The 1993 United States motorcycle Grand Prix was the penultimate round of the 1993 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on September 12, 1993, at Laguna Seca.

500 cc race report[edit]

Everyone now knows Wayne Rainey’s career is over after his crash the previous round and that Kevin Schwantz is the 1993 world champion.

Kenny Roberts on the question of retiring: “I’ve thought about it the last week, but Wayne wants to work in Grand Prix racing. That’s going to keep the edge sharp, because he wants to help the team, he wants to help riders, he wants to follow along in what I’ve done. And that’s going to keep me involved. Wayne’s a big, big part of my team, and if he was disgusted with the whole thing, then yeah, it’d probably take a lot of the edge off. And he doesn’t show any signs of that and that’s probably going to keep me involved, otherwise I ... well, you know, I can do anything I want to do, but he’s a driving force right now.”[1]

Schwantz on winning the championship: “Everybody’s thinking about Wayne, and we all wish Wayne and Shae and Rex the best, but at the same time, I feel like we raced all season ... to put ourselves in a position to be there to take advantage of any opportunities, any doors that were open. I feel like we still earned it — we weren’t given it.”[2]

Rainey: “Kevin called. I said to him: You deserve it. And hey, I made the mistake. It doesn’t take anything away from what you did to win your championship.”[3]

John Kocinski takes the start from Mick Doohan, Schwantz and Alex Barros.

Teammates Schwantz and Barros pass Kocinski.

Barros starts to pull away, and at Turn 11, Kocinski tries an inside pass on Schwantz that doesn’t quite stick allows Doohan to come up and they go down the straight 3 abreast. Schwantz stays to the inside and takes the hairpin ahead of Doohan and Kocinski.

Doohan gets past Schwantz and hunts down Barros and takes the lead. Kocinski also passes Barros.

Doohan’s bike hops a bit on the exit of The Corkscrew and he loses his footing and almost rides it side-saddle but clips the hay bales on the left side of the track with his shoulder. He’s almost hit by two bikes as he slides into the track, and gets up but looks to be in pain.

Kocinski’s win is Cagiva’s first dry win in GP racing; Eddie Lawson won a wet race last year, but a lucky tire choice was seen as the main reason for the win.

500 cc classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 United States John Kocinski Cagiva 48:17.175 25
2 Brazil Alex Barros Suzuki +6.375 20
3 Italy Luca Cadalora Yamaha +10.489 16
4 United States Kevin Schwantz Suzuki +18.265 13
5 Australia Daryl Beattie Honda +19.493 11
6 Japan Shinichi Itoh Honda +37.292 10
7 Spain Àlex Crivillé Honda +39.317 9
8 United Kingdom Niall Mackenzie ROC Yamaha +42.851 8
9 United Kingdom John Reynolds Harris Yamaha +1 Lap 7
10 Spain Juan Lopez Mella ROC Yamaha +1 Lap 6
11 France José Kuhn Yamaha +1 Lap 5
12 United Kingdom Jeremy McWilliams Yamaha +1 Lap 4
13 United Kingdom Sean Emmett Harris Yamaha +1 Lap 3
14 Switzerland Serge David ROC Yamaha +1 Lap 2
15 Belgium Laurent Naveau ROC Yamaha +1 Lap 1
16 United Kingdom David Jefferies Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
17 Japan Tsutomu Udagawa ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
18 Germany Michael Rudroff Harris Yamaha +1 Lap
19 Austria Andreas Meklau ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
20 France Bruno Bonhuil ROC Yamaha +1 Lap
Ret Australia Matthew Mladin Cagiva Retirement
Ret France Thierry Crine ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret Italy Renato Colleoni ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret United Kingdom Kevin Mitchell Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret Netherlands Cees Doorakkers Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret Australia Mick Doohan Honda Retirement
Ret New Zealand Andrew Stroud Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret Italy Marco Papa Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret Italy Lucio Pedercini ROC Yamaha Retirement
Ret France Bernard Garcia Yamaha Retirement
Ret United States Danny Walker Harris Yamaha Retirement
Ret United States Doug Chandler Cagiva Retirement

250 cc classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 Italy Loris Capirossi Honda 46:04.505 25
2 Italy Doriano Romboni Honda +1.381 20
3 Italy Loris Reggiani Aprilia +3.803 16
4 Spain Alberto Puig Honda +3.881 13
5 Japan Tetsuya Harada Yamaha +4.619 11
6 Italy Pierfrancesco Chili Yamaha +12.279 10
7 Japan Nobuatsu Aoki Honda +18.166 9
8 Germany Helmut Bradl Honda +19.861 8
9 Japan Tadayuki Okada Honda +28.044 7
10 United States Kenny Roberts Jr Yamaha +44.751 6
11 Spain Luis d'Antin Honda +45.113 5
12 Spain Juan Borja Honda +55.484 4
13 France Frédéric Protat Aprilia +56.529 3
14 Spain Carlos Checa Honda +57.555 2
15 Switzerland Adrian Bosshard Honda +1:02.409 1
16 Netherlands Patrick van den Goorbergh Aprilia +1:02.565
17 Spain Pere Riba Honda +1:04.795
18 Switzerland Bernard Haenggeli Aprilia +1:15.641
19 Spain Luis Maurel Aprilia +1 Lap
20 Germany Bernd Kassner Aprilia +1 Lap
21 France Jean-Pierre Jeandat Aprilia +1 Lap
22 Italy Massimo Pennachioli Honda +1 Lap
Ret Italy Max Biaggi Honda Retirement
Ret Austria Andy Preining Aprilia Retirement
Ret Switzerland Eskil Suter Aprilia Retirement
Ret New Zealand Simon Crafar Suzuki Retirement
Ret Netherlands Wilco Zeelenberg Aprilia Retirement
Ret Germany Jochen Schmid Yamaha Retirement
Ret France Jean-Philippe Ruggia Aprilia Retirement
Ret France Jean-Michel Bayle Aprilia Retirement
Ret Germany Volker Bahr Honda Retirement


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