1993 in Australia

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1993 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General Bill Hayden
Prime minister Paul Keating
Population 17,667,093
Elections Federal, WA, SA
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Premiers and Chief Ministers[edit]

Governors and administrators[edit]


  • 6 February – Elections in Western Australia see the ALP government of Carmen Lawrence voted out and the Liberal Party voted in. Richard Court becomes the new premier.
  • 7 March – Two prisoners, Peter Gibb and Archie Butterley, escape from the Melbourne Remand Centre with the help of prison officer Heather Parker.[1]
  • 13 March – Paul Keating and the ALP win the federal 'unwinnable election' and are re-elected for a fifth term in power.
  • 4 August – Coles Myer announces a $4 billion expansion plan creating 100,000 new jobs & spanning five years.
  • 28 August – HMAS Collins (SSG 73), the first of the Collins Class submarine, becomes the first Australian-built and designed submarine to launch
  • 23 September – The IOC selects Sydney to be the site of the 2000 Summer Olympics
  • 26 November – Construction begins on Brisbane’s new $250 million International Airport Terminal.
  • 11 December – Dean Brown and the Liberal Party win the South Australian elections, winning government from Lynn Arnold and the ALP.

Arts and literature[edit]



  • 3 March – The "birthday cake interview" with John Hewson takes place on A Current Affair. Hewson's confused explanation of the effect of a consumption tax in the Coalition's Fightback! package is seen as a crucial factor in the surprise re-election of the ALP at the federal election.
  • 30 July – A Country Practice is axed after 1,058 episodes by the Seven Network. The final episode aired on 22 November, Network Ten pick up the series the following year, but it is nowhere near as successful as the Channel Seven version and is axed soon after.
  • 25 November – Ray Martin presents his final episode of Midday. He moves on to A Current Affair in 1994 and is replaced in the Midday role by Derryn Hinch.





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