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List of years in Australian television



Program Network Debut date
Swordfish Network Ten 3 January
Talk to the Animals Seven Network 31 January
The Great Outdoors Seven Network 5 February
First Edition ABC TV 8 February
Newlyweds Seven Network 20 February
Seven Deadly Sins ABC TV 23 February
Prime 6 O'Clock News Prime 1 March
The Extraordinary Seven Network 4 March
TVTV ABC TV 22 March
The AFL Sunday Footy Show Nine Network 28 March
Bodybeat ABC TV 29 March
This Sporting Life ABC TV 19 April
Law of the Land Nine Network 20 April
Full Frontal Seven Network 13 May
Paradise Beach Nine Network 31 May
Our House Nine Network 23 June
Money Nine Network 23 June
The Comedy Sale Seven Network 25 July
What's Up Doc? Nine Network 31 July
At Home Seven Network 2 August
World Watch SBS TV 23 August
Sports Tonight Network Ten 30 August
Secrets ABC TV 16 September
Debate! Network Ten 18 September
Totally Wild Weekend Network Ten 18 September
The Feds Nine Network 20 September
Ship to Shore Nine Network 1 November
Mission Top Secret Network Ten 8 November
In Company with Cruickshank ABC TV 9 December
House of Fun Network Ten 19 December
Kideo ABC TV 26 December
The NRL Sunday Footy Show Nine Network 1993


Program Network Debut date
United Kingdom Die Kinder ABC TV 2 January
Canada The Global Family SBS TV 4 January
Hong Kong Heaven's Retribution SBS TV 4 January
United Kingdom Matters of Taste SBS TV 5 January
Canada Hoover vs. The Kennedys Network Ten 5 January
United Kingdom A Sense of Guilt ABC TV 6 January
Italy Join the Gang SBS TV 9 January
United Kingdom Dodgem ABC TV 11 January
United States Wild and Crazy Kids ABC TV 13 January
United Kingdom Troublemakers ABC TV 19 January
United States/United Kingdom/Wales Fantastic Max ABC TV 25 January
United States City Nine Network 27 January
United Kingdom Sweet Seventeen ABC TV 27 January
United States Disney Adventures Seven Network 1 February
United States The Golden Palace Seven Network 6 February
United Kingdom/United States Captain Zed and the Zee Zone Network Ten 7 February
United States 2000 Malibu Road Network Ten 8 February
United States Billy Nine Network 9 February
United Kingdom Spider! ABC TV 11 February
United States Melrose Place Network Ten 12 February
United Kingdom Greek Fire SBS TV 23 February
United States Capital News Nine Network 23 February
United Kingdom Mathematical Eye ABC TV 24 February
United Kingdom Bump ABC TV 1 March
United Kingdom Terry and Julian ABC TV 8 March
United Kingdom The Borrowers ABC TV 20 March
Denmark Hotel Amore SBS TV 22 March
United States The Mechanical Universe ABC TV 29 March
United Kingdom Pole to Pole ABC TV 4 April
France/Canada The Adventures of Tintin ABC TV 5 April
United Kingdom Toucan Tecs ABC TV 12 April
United States Dark Justice Seven Network 13 April
United States Palace Guard Nine Network 15 April
Canada Degrassi Talks ABC TV 19 April
Canada The Girl from Mars ABC TV 19 April
United States Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Nine Network 22 April
United Kingdom The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends ABC TV 1 May
United Kingdom The Old Devils ABC TV 9 May
United States Parenthood Network Ten 10 May
Canada School's Out ABC TV 21 May
United Kingdom Time Riders ABC TV 22 May
United Kingdom Noddy's Toyland Adventures ABC TV 26 May
United Kingdom Children of the North ABC TV 30 May
United States Freshman Dorm Seven Network 31 May
United States Cartoons for Big Kids ABC TV 9 June
United States Picket Fences Network Ten 10 June
United Kingdom Heartbeat ABC TV 13 June
United Kingdom Oh, Mr. Toad ABC TV 14 June
United States Hearts Are Wild Seven Network 17 June
United States Code 3 (1992) Network Ten 23 June
United Kingdom Clarissa ABC TV 27 June
United States Love & War Nine Network 28 June
United Kingdom Absolutely Fabulous ABC TV 5 July
United States The Ren and Stimpy Show Network Ten 5 July
United States Cutters Seven Network 5 July
United States/Canada Fievel's American Tails Network Ten 6 July
United States Teech Nine Network 11 July
United Kingdom The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna Seven Network 15 July
United Kingdom 2 point 4 Children ABC TV 16 July
United Kingdom The Face of Tutankhamun ABC TV 18 July
United States Civil Wars Network Ten 20 July
United States Capitol Critters Network Ten 23 July
United Kingdom Witchcraft ABC TV 25 July
United States Law & Order Network Ten 27 July
United States Batman: The Animated Series Nine Network 31 July
United States The Edge Nine Network 2 August
United Kingdom The Essential History of Europe SBS TV 3 August
United States/Canada Sirens Nine Network 3 August
Wales Joshua Jones ABC TV 4 August
Canada Mission Reading ABC TV 9 August
United Kingdom KYTV SBS TV 10 August
United States The New Untouchables Seven Network 10 August
United Kingdom/Australia Stark ABC TV 11 August
United States Back to the Future: The Animated Series Network Ten 12 August
United States Delta Network Ten 14 August
United States FBI: The Untold Stories Network Ten 18 August
Canada The Boys of St. Vincent Network Ten 22 August
United Kingdom Lipstick on Your Collar ABC TV 22 August
United Kingdom/Canada Rupert ABC TV 23 August
United Kingdom The Piglet Files Seven Network 24 August
United States Transformers: Generation 2 Network Ten 25 August
United Kingdom Roots Schmoots: A Journey by Howard Jacobson SBS TV 29 August
United States Taz-Mania Nine Network 4 September
United States Woops! Seven Network 6 September
United States Seinfeld[1] Nine Network 8 September
United Kingdom Freddie and Max ABC TV 8 September
United Kingdom One Foot in the Grave ABC TV 11 September
United States Dancing ABC TV 12 September
United States The Baby-Sitters Club ABC TV 13 September
United Kingdom A Year in Provence ABC TV 13 September
United States Room for Two Nine Network 16 September
United Kingdom Bad Boyes ABC TV 27 September
Canada/United States Madeline (TV specials) ABC TV 28 September
United States Hearts Afire Network Ten 30 September
United Kingdom Celts SBS TV 3 October
United Kingdom Look At It This Way ABC TV 3 October
United States/Japan The Adventures of T-Rex Network Ten 4 October
United States Lamb Chop's Play Along Seven Network 4 October
United States X-Men Network Ten 5 October
United States Drexell's Class Network Ten 5 October
United States Nonsense and Lullabyes ABC TV 6 October
United Kingdom Truckers ABC TV 6 October
United Kingdom Brum ABC TV 6 October
United States The Marzipan Pig ABC TV 8 October
United States Ghostwriter ABC TV 10 October
United States American Dreamer Seven Network 11 October
United States Eerie, Indiana Seven Network 19 October
United Kingdom Streetwise ABC TV 20 October
United Kingdom Framed ABC TV 22 October
United States/France Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars Network Ten 22 October
United Kingdom Tell Tale Hearts ABC TV 24 October
Wales Pirates SBS TV 26 October
India The Darkness SBS TV 27 October
United Kingdom The Gravy Train ABC TV 31 October
Germany Fast Gerdi SBS TV 2 November
United States Roc Nine Network 17 November
United Kingdom G.B.H. ABC TV 23 November
United States Blossom Seven Network 29 November
United States Reasonable Doubts Seven Network 30 November
United States South Beach Network Ten 1 December
United States/Canada Dog City Network Ten 1 December
United Kingdom Boys from the Bush Seven Network 2 December
United States Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Seven Network 2 December
United Kingdom Casualty Network Ten 4 December
United Kingdom Men Behaving Badly ABC TV 6 December
United Kingdom Maigret Seven Network 6 December
United States Top of the Heap Nine Network 13 December
United States Vinnie and Bobby Nine Network 22 December
United States Silk Stalkings Nine Network 23 December
United Kingdom On Christmas Eve ABC TV 25 December
United States Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too Seven Network 25 December
United Kingdom Old Bear Stories (Jolly Snow/Dolls House Christmas) ABC TV 25 December
United Kingdom/Wales Santa's First Christmas ABC TV 25 December
United Kingdom Root Into Europe ABC TV 26 December
United Kingdom/Russia/Wales Shakespeare: The Animated Tales SBS TV 27 December
United States Space Rangers Nine Network 28 December
United Kingdom Madness ABC TV 30 December
United States Goof Troop Seven Network 1993
United States Disney's The Little Mermaid Seven Network 1993
United States The New Lassie Network Ten 1993

Changes to network affiliation[edit]

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on an Australian television network that had previously premiered on another Australian television network. The networks involved in the switch of allegiances are predominantly both free-to-air networks or both subscription television networks. Programs that have their free-to-air/subscription television premiere, after previously premiering on the opposite platform (free-to air to subscription/subscription to free-to air) are not included. In some cases, programs may still air on the original television network. This occurs predominantly with programs shared between subscription television networks.


Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
Round the Twist ABC TV Seven Network 20 March


Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
United Kingdom It Ain't Half Hot Mum Network Ten ABC TV
Seven Network
22 July
United States Dungeons and Dragons Network Ten Seven Network 29 November
United States Seinfeld[2] Network Ten Nine Network 7 December

Television shows[edit]


Seven Network

Nine Network

Network Ten

Ending this year[edit]

Date Show Channel Debut
16 January Bingles Channel Ten 1992
26 February Big Square Eye ABC 1991
25 March Seven Deadly Sins ABC 23 February 1993
5 April Bodybeat ABC 29 March 1993
20 May E Street Channel Ten 1989
3 June Phoenix ABC 1992
10 July Kids' Stuff Network Ten 1991
12 August Stark ABC 11 August 1993
4 September Eggshells ABC 1991
14 September All Together Now Channel Nine 1991
30 October The Late Show ABC 1992
22 November A Country Practice Seven Network 1981
26 November Tonight Live with Steve Vizard Channel Seven 1990
17 December The Afternoon Show ABC 1987

Returning this year[edit]

Date Show Channel Debut
24 May Simon Townsend's Wonder World Nine Network 1979
13 December The Price Is Right Nine Network 1981

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