1994 EFDA Nations Cup

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1994 EFDA Nations Cup
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The EFDA Nations Cup, was a Country vs Country competition for Formula Opel cars between 1990 and 1998. It had always been Dan Partel's dream to stage a race that pitted drivers in equal cars racing for their country. The Formula Opel/Vauxhall one make racing series offered the best opportunity for such an event.

The 1994 EFDA Nations Cup (Nations Cup V), was held at Zandvoort, the Netherlands (24/25 September 1994).

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Final positions[edit]

Position Country Driver 1 Driver 2
1  Netherlands Tom Coronel Donny Crevels
2  Austria Hubert Stromberger Walter Thimmler
3  Portugal Gonçalo Gomes Rui Águas
4  Denmark Kristian Kolby Henrik Larsen
5  Sweden Peter Hallen Mikael Kinnmark
6  Great Britain Jamie Davies Guy Smith
7  Japan Takashi Yokoyama Yoshio Tsusuki
8  Norway Tommy Rustad Thomas Schie
9  Estonia Tõnis Kasemets Rain Pilve
10  United States Zak Brown Mary Kaczor
11  France Claude-Yves Gosselin Jean-Bernard Bouvet
12  Belgium Kurt Mollekens Max Weisenburger
13  Italy Giovanni Anapoli Alessandro Ferraresi
14  Croatia Boris Zaller Ellio Radola
15  Brazil Sérgio Paese Tony Kanaan
16  Australia Stephen White Paul Stokell
17  Spain Miguel Ángel de Castro David Bosch
18  Germany Dirk Müller Wolfgang Engels


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