1994 Kyrgyz constitutional referendum

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A constitutional referendum was held in Kyrgyzstan on 22 October 1994. Voters were asked questions on two topics:

  1. Whether they approved of using referendums to decide on amendments to the constitution, laws and other important questions of political life.
  2. Whether they approved of the introduction of a bicameral parliament.

Both were approved by almost 90% of voters, with turnout reported to be 86.0%.[1]


Question 1[edit]

Choice Votes %
For 1,636,372 88.9
Against 201,594 11.0
Invalid/blank votes 81,967
Total 1,919,921 100
Source: Nohlen et al.

Question 2[edit]

Choice Votes %
For 1,620,231 88.1
Against 218,692 11.9
Invalid/blank votes 80,087
Total 1,919,010 100
Source: Nohlen et al.


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