1994 Liwa earthquake

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1994 Liwa earthquake
1994 Liwa earthquake is located in Sumatra
1994 Liwa earthquake
UTC time1994-02-15 17:07:43
ISC event185661
Local dateFebruary 16, 1994 (1994-02-16)
Local time00:07 WIB (Indonesia Western Standard Time)
Magnitude7.0 Mw
Depth23 km (14 mi)
Epicenter4°58′01″S 104°18′07″E / 4.967°S 104.302°E / -4.967; 104.302Coordinates: 4°58′01″S 104°18′07″E / 4.967°S 104.302°E / -4.967; 104.302
FaultGreat Sumatran fault
Areas affectedIndonesia

The 1994 Liwa earthquake occurred on February 16 at 00:07 local time. It was located in southern Sumatra, Indonesia. The magnitude of the earthquake was put at Mw 6.9, Mw  7.0, or Ms 7.2, according to different sources.[1][2][3][4]

The earthquake caused 207 deaths and 2000 injuries. There was damage from landslides, mudslides, and fires in Lampung Province. Power outage occurred in western Lampung.[5] Six-thousand buildings were damaged or destroyed by landslides in the Liwa area. In addition to southern Sumatra, the earthquake could be felt in western Java and Singapore.[1] Intense smoke and gas activity was observed in the Suwoh volcanic area.[4]

The earthquake took place at the Sumatran Fault Zone. The Sumatran Fault Zone is 1900 km long and highly segmented. It can be divided into about 20 segments.[2] The earthquake occurred in a subparallel strand 2.5 km southwest of the principal trace of the Kumering segment.[3][6] The focal mechanism is of right-lateral strike-slip faulting.[4]

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