1994 London local elections

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London local elections, 1994
← 1990 5 May 1994 1998 →

All 1,917 on all 32 London boroughs
Turnout46.1% (Decrease2.1%)
  First party Second party Third party
  No image.svg John Major Paddy Ashdown
Leader John Smith John Major Paddy Ashdown
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat
Leader since 18 July 1992 28 November 1990 16 July 1988
Popular vote 927,157 696,087 490,259
Percentage 41.6% 31.2% 22.0%
Swing Increase2.7% Decrease6.6% Increase7.8%
Councils 17 4 3
Councils +/– Increase3 Decrease8 Steady0
Councillors 1,044 519 323
Councillors +/– Increase118 Decrease211 Increase96

London local elections 1994.svg
Results by Borough in 1994.

Local government elections took place in London, and some other parts of the United Kingdom on Thursday 5 May 1994. Ward changes took place in Barking and Dagenham and Ealing which increased the total number of councillors by 3 from 1,914 to 1,917.

All London borough council seats were up for election. The previous Borough elections in London were in 1990.[1]

The Labour Party under John Smith achieved its best result since 1974, gaining 119 councillors and control of 3 councils. The Conservatives saw heavy losses, losing 212 councillors and 8 councils; the Conservative collapse also benefited the Liberal Democrats, who recovered from their 1990 low point and gained 94 councillors.

Results summary[edit]

Party[2] Votes won % votes Change Seats % seats Change Councils Change
Labour 927,157 41.6 +2.7 1,044 54.5 +118 17 +3
Conservative 696,087 31.2 -6.6 519 27.1 -211 4 -8
Liberal Democrat 490,259 22.0 +7.8 323 16.8 +96 3 ±0
Green 48,798 2.2 -3.7 0 0.0 ±0 0 ±0
Others 65,858 2.9 -0.4 31 1.6 ±0 0 ±0
No overall control n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 8 +5
  • Turnout: 2,240,639 voters cast ballots, a turnout of 46.1% (-2.1%).[3]

Council results[edit]

Council Previous control Result Details
Barking and Dagenham Labour Labour Details
Barnet Conservative No overall control Details
Bexley Conservative No overall control Details
Brent No overall control No overall control Details
Bromley Conservative Conservative Details
Camden Labour Labour Details
Croydon Conservative Labour Details
Ealing Conservative Labour Details
Enfield Conservative Labour Details
Greenwich Labour Labour Details
Hackney Labour Labour Details
Hammersmith and Fulham Labour Labour Details
Haringey Labour Labour Details
Harrow Conservative No overall control Details
Havering No overall control No overall control Details
Hillingdon Conservative Labour Details
Hounslow Labour Labour Details
Islington Labour Labour Details
Kensington and Chelsea Conservative Conservative Details
Kingston upon Thames No overall control Liberal Democrat Details
Lambeth Labour No overall control Details
Lewisham Labour Labour Details
Merton Labour Labour Details
Newham Labour Labour Details
Redbridge Conservative No overall control Details
Richmond upon Thames Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat Details
Southwark Labour Labour Details
Sutton Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat Details
Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrat Labour Details
Waltham Forest Labour No overall control Details
Wandsworth Conservative Conservative Details
Westminster Conservative Conservative Details

Borough result maps[edit]


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