1994 United States House of Representatives election in Wyoming

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United States House of Representatives election in Wyoming, At-large district, 2016

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Nominee Barbara Cubin Bob Schuster Dave Dawson
Party Republican Democratic Libertarian
Popular vote 113,882 81,022 10,749
Percentage 57.81% 41.30% 5.48%

U.S. Representative before election

Craig L. Thomas

Elected U.S. Representative

Craig L. Thomas

The 1994 United States House of Representatives election in Wyoming were held on November 8, 1994 to determine who will represent the state of Wyoming in the United States House of Representatives. Wyoming has one, at large district in the House, apportioned according to the 1990 United States Census, due to its low population. Representatives are elected for two-year terms. This election was for an open seat because incumbent Craig L. Thomas retired to run for U.S. Senator for Wyoming.

Major candidates[edit]


  • Bob Schuster



Wyoming's At-large congressional district election, 1994
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Barbara Cubin 104,426 53.23
Democratic Bob Schuster 81,022 41.30
Libertarian Dave Dawson 10,749 5.48
Total votes 196,197 100.00
Republican hold