1994 in Australia

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1994 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General Bill Hayden
Prime minister Paul Keating
Population 17,854,738
Elections NT
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Premiers and Chief Ministers[edit]

Governors and Administrators[edit]


  • 1 January – The Duchess of York's sister, Jane Makim, marries for a second time in a cliff-top ceremony in Sydney. The ceremony, conducted by a female celebrant, took place at the exclusive Jonah's Restaurant.[1]
    • The Queensland Minerals and Energy Minister, Mr Tom McGrady, announces that an inquiry will be held into an accident at a central Queensland open cut coal mine in which two men were killed and another two seriously injured.[2]
  • 2 to 15 January – Major bushfires devastate coastal New South Wales—four people are killed and over 300 homes are lost.
  • 26 January – Student David Kang fires two blank shots from a starting pistol at Prince Charles in Sydney, Australia.[3]
  • 1 February – Australian businessman Christopher Skase is arrested in Spain.
  • 16 February – It is announced that former Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Former Treasurer John Kerin are to be summonsed before a Senate Inquiry into foreign media ownership of Fairfax Group.
  • 27 February – Ros Kelly resigns as Minister for Sports and the Environment over the "sports rorts affair".[4]
  • 4 March – Australian authorities request the extradition from Spain of Christopher Skase, who has been held in a hospital on the Spanish island of Majorca since January.[5]
  • 13 March – Carmen Lawrence wins the Fremantle by-election by a strong margin.
  • 15 March – Sallyanne Atkinson, former Brisbane Lord Mayor, is appointed Federal Trade Commissioner in Paris.
  • 18 March – It is announced that David Barbagallo and Dennis Atkins, advisors to Queensland Premier Wayne Goss, will face a Criminal Justice Commission Inquiry into their alleged misconduct.
  • 26 March – Jim Soorley wins a second term as Lord Mayor in the Brisbane City Council elections.
  • 23 May – John Hewson is replaced as Leader of the Opposition by Alexander Downer.[6]
  • 4 June – The Country Liberal Party led by Marshall Peron holds government when it wins the Northern Territory election.
  • 15 July – Former Western Australian Premier Brian Burke is sentenced to eight months jail.[7]
  • 19 July – In Spain, Christopher Skase begins his fight against extradition in a Majorca court.
  • 25 July – Telephone numbers in Australia begin transitioning to eight digits. Mona Vale in Sydney is the first suburb to change to the new numbers.
  • August – Wollemia nobilis, a "fossil tree", is discovered by bushwalker David Noble only 150 km from Sydney.[8]
  • 7 August – Victoria Police officers raid Tasty, a predominantly gay nightclub in Melbourne. Club patrons are detained and strip-searched for several hours, resulting in a landmark class action legal case.[9]
  • 28 August – Australia finishes Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada with a record 87 gold medals.
  • 5 September – New South Wales state MP John Newman is shot outside his home, in Australia's first political assassination since 1977.[10]
  • 4 November – Sydney Airport's third runway opens, resulting in protests about noise levels.
  • 2 December – The Australian government agrees to pay reparations to aborigines who were displaced during the nuclear tests in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • 17 December – A Spanish court overturns Christopher Skase's extradition from Spain.[11]

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