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List of years in Australian television


  • 18 January – Australian police drama series Blue Heelers premieres on Seven Network.
  • 28 January – American animated series Rugrats makes its debut on ABC at 5:30 pm.
  • 31 January – American children's action TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers debuts on Seven Network.
  • 31 January – A sequel to the Australian family film Clowning Around called Clowning Around II airs on Seven Network.
  • February – Derryn Hinch has taken over Ray Martin's place as host of the Australian award winning reality series Midday.
  • 10 February – American science fiction television series The X-Files makes it debut on Network Ten.
  • 27 February – Network Ten launches Heartbreak High, a brand new schoolroom drama which was a spinoff of the 1993 Australian romantic comedy feature film The Heartbreak Kid.
  • 28 February – Australian long running children's TV series Mr Squiggle returns to ABC for a brand new series at 3:55 pm.
  • 3 March – British long running science fiction series Doctor Who airs on ABC for the last time in its original run at 4:30 am with the fourth and final part of the sixth and final serial of Season 22 Revelation of the Daleks.
  • 5 March – American animated series Animaniacs premieres on the Nine Network as part of their What's Up Doc? block.
  • 21 March – Final episode of the Australian comedy series Mother and Son airs on ABC.
  • 24 March - American sitcom Frasier starring Kelsey Grammer premieres on the Nine Network.
  • 27 March – The Animals of Farthing Wood, a British children's animated series based on the books by Colin Dann premieres on ABC at 8:00 am as part of Couch Potato.
  • 10 April – Australian children's TV series Lift Off has spawned into a game show titled EC Plays Lift Off with Mr. Fish as the host and only running for 13 episodes. It will air on ABC on every Sunday morning as part of Couch Potato.
  • 11 April – Australian children's comedy series The Ferals premieres on ABC.
  • 11 April – Michael Tunn, the host of the ABC's Afternoon Show returns with a brand new music series called Loud as a replacement for the weekday afternoon magazine show that was axed in late 1993. The show includes music videos as well as reviews on movies and video games, feature stories on youth culture, musicians talking about their favourite music videos and on location interviews with bands and will be shown from Monday to Thursday at 5:30 pm.
  • 13 April – A Country Practice switches over to air on Network Ten following its final air on Seven Network in 1993.
  • 16 April – American children's TV series Barney and Friends premieres on Nine Network.
  • 29 April – In Neighbours, Jim Robinson dies from a heart attack. The last ever of the original 1985 cast members, Alan Dale departs the series. Anne Haddy becomes the last original cast member in Neighbours 8-year history. Julie Martin is the next character to be killed off the show following the past deaths of characters Daphne Clarke (Elaine Smith, 1988), Kerry Bishop (Linda Hartley, 1990), Harold Bishop (Ian Smith, 1991), Todd Landers (Kristian Schmid, 1992) & Jim Robinson (Alan Dale, 1993) being terminated and written out.
  • 30 April – The Tasmanian television market is aggregated, with TasTV (now WIN Television) taking a Nine Network affiliation & Southern Cross taking a dual Seven and Ten affiliation.
  • 9 May – Frontline a satirical look at current affairs television from Australian comedy group The D-Generation starts airing on ABC.
  • 16 May – A brand new Australian game show for children called A*mazing debuts on Seven Network. Hosted by James Sherry and airing at 4:30 pm, the show pitted teams from two different primary schools against each other during the course of a week. Points gained by each contestant during the week would be totalled up to decide the winning school at the end of each week.
  • 20 May – SBS commences transmission in Darwin.
  • 23 May – Australia's favourite koala Blinky Bill returns to television with a brand new animated series on ABC at 4:30 pm.
  • 16 June – Final episode of the Australian music series Loud airs on ABC.
  • 20 June – Australian teen game show Vidiot returns to the ABC for a brand new series with Scott McRae taking over as presenter.
  • August – The Commonwealth Games are televised live on Network Ten from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • 1 August – Melbourne's ATV10 celebrates 30 years of transmission.
  • 17 August – Australian comedy series Hey Dad..! hosts its final original episode on Seven Network.
  • 18 August – Australian soap opera Neighbours rebrands with new opening and closing titles and a brand new theme song sung by Melbourne-based singer Greg Hind.
  • 23 September - Australian drama series Snowy River: The McGregor Saga premieres on the Nine Network.
  • October – In Neighbours The Kennedy Family (Susan, Karl, Libby, Billy, Mal) arrive at No. 28, Doug & Pam Willis leave for Darwin, Julie Martin is killed in the Murder Mystery Weekend.
  • 19 October - A television special known as The Very Best of the Don Lane Show airs on Nine Network at 8:30 pm. It features Don Lane introducing some of the memorable segments to have come from the popular variety show that ran from 1975 to 1983, including footage of guest stars Mel Brooks, Billy Connolly, James Randi, Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, Liza Minnelli, Robin Williams, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Allen, John Farnham, Peter Sellers and Johnny O'Keefe. This special was remastered for a DVD release in 2004.
  • 5 November – A Country Practice (1981–1993 on Channel 7) revival attempt on Network Ten backfires and is swiftly cancelled due to low ratings.
  • Community Television starts with long-term trials of stations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
  • The ABC purchases an Australian children's television programme from the creators of Johnson and Friends called Boffins about tiny alien like creatures called Boffins who spent their days in kitchen cupboards and surrounding areas, trying to discover science behind how the world works. The series was never broadcast in Australia but it did air in several other countries such as Singapore, Israel, Malaysia, Brunei, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Canada, Africa and the Middle East. The complete series will be released on VHS in Australia the following year by ABC Video and Roadshow Entertainment featuring all thirteen episodes.


Program Network Debut date
Kate Ceberano and Friends ABC TV 17 January
Blue Heelers Seven Network 18 January
Alan Jones Live Network Ten 31 January
Man O Man Seven Network 5 February
Under the Skin SBS TV 16 February
The Bob Morrison Show Nine Network 22 February
Heartbreak High Network Ten 27 February
The Times Seven Network 14 March
Ballzup! ABC TV 20 March
Heartland ABC TV 23 March
The AFL Footy Show Nine Network 24 March
The Big Byte SBS TV 1 April
EC Plays Lift Off ABC TV 10 April
The Reading, Writing Roadshow ABC TV 11 April
The Ferals ABC TV 11 April
Loud ABC TV 11 April
Consumer Power ABC TV 13 April
The Zone Nine Network 30 April
Frontline ABC TV 9 May
A*mazing Seven Network 16 May
The Adventures of Blinky Bill ABC TV 23 May
The Damnation of Harvey McHugh ABC TV 2 June
Stampede ABC TV 10 June
Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left Seven Network 19 June
Strike It Lucky Nine Network 11 July
Total Recall Seven Network 15 August
Ocean Girl Network Ten 29 August
The NRL Footy Show Nine Network 1 September
Janus ABC TV 1 September
Living in the 90s ABC TV 1 September
Wedlocked Seven Network 5 September
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga Nine Network 23 September
Big Girl's Blouse Seven Network 13 October
Halifax f.p. Nine Network 9 November
Escape from Jupiter ABC TV 26 November

International Programming[edit]

Program Network Debut date
United States States of Mind SBS TV 2 January
United Kingdom Great Crimes and Trials of the 20th Century ABC TV 7 January
Spain Sandino SBS TV 8 January
United States The Late Show with David Letterman Nine Network 12 January
Denmark Kings Without Crowns SBS TV 16 January
United Kingdom Coast of Dreams SBS TV 19 January
Greece A Very Merry Widow SBS TV 19 January
United Kingdom Grace & Favour Network Ten 28 January
United States Rugrats ABC TV 28 January
United States Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Seven Network 31 January
United States Biker Mice from Mars Network Ten 31 January
Australia/France/United States Clowning Around II Seven Network 31 January
United States Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Network Ten 31 January
United Kingdom/Wales Funnybones ABC TV 1 February
United States/United Kingdom Where's Wally? ABC TV 2 February
United States Missing Persons Nine Network 2 February
United States NYPD Blue Network Ten 3 February
United Kingdom Calling the Shots ABC TV 3 February
United States/Canada Eek! The Cat Network Ten 3 February
United Kingdom Anglo Saxon Attitudes ABC TV 6 February
United States The X-Files Network Ten 10 February
United States Flesh 'n' Blood Seven Network 13 February
United States Doug Network Ten 13 February
United States Davis Rules Nine Network 17 February
Canada Tooth Fairy, Where Are You? ABC TV 18 February
Canada Here's How! ABC TV 22 February
United Kingdom To Play the King ABC TV 24 February
United Kingdom Gallowglass ABC TV 27 February
United Kingdom Body & Soul Nine Network 1 March
United States Sightings Seven Network 1 March
United States Animaniacs Nine Network 5 March
Canada Forever Knight Nine Network 9 March
United Kingdom Italianissimo ABC TV 12 March
United Kingdom Ashenden ABC TV 20 March
United States Boy Meets World Nine Network 23 March
United States Dave's World Nine Network 24 March
United States Frasier Nine Network 24 March
United Kingdom The Animals of Farthing Wood ABC TV 27 March
United States Almost Home Seven Network 29 March
United Kingdom Kevin's Cousins ABC TV 1 April
United States Ferris Bueller Nine Network 1 April
United States Out All Night Nine Network 2 April
United Kingdom Blood and Honey ABC TV 3 April
Canada Northwood ABC TV 11 April
United States The Hat Squad Nine Network 15 April
United States Barney and Friends Nine Network 16 April
United Kingdom Old Bear Stories ABC TV 18 April
United Kingdom Rat-a-Tat-Tat ABC TV 20 April
Canada Mathica's Mathshop ABC TV 20 April
United States Walker, Texas Ranger Nine Network 28 April
United States Today's Gourmet SBS TV 30 April
United Kingdom In Suspicious Circumstances Seven Network 4 May
United Kingdom Hit and Run SBS TV 11 May
United States Grace Under Fire Seven Network 15 May
Netherlands Miffy ABC TV 16 May
United States His and Hers (USA) Seven Network 17 May
United Kingdom The Greedysaurus Gang ABC TV 23 May
United States Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Seven Network 25 May
United Kingdom Kinsey ABC TV 30 May
United States Discover America: The West SBS TV 31 May
United States Where I Live Seven Network 3 June
Canada Ready or Not ABC TV 17 June
Australia/New Zealand/France Deepwater Haven Network Ten 19 June
United States Beakman's World Network Ten 19 June
United States Key West Seven Network 22 June
United States Great Scott! Nine Network 24 June
United Kingdom Kevin and Co. ABC TV 27 June
United Kingdom Between the Lines Seven Network 28 June
United States Madeline (TV series) ABC TV 28 June
United Kingdom Philbert Frog ABC TV 28 June
United Kingdom Behaving Badly ABC TV 3 July
United States Conan the Adventurer Network Ten 4 July
United Kingdom A Touch of Frost Seven Network 8 July
United Kingdom Murder Most Horrid ABC TV 11 July
United Kingdom Teddy Trucks ABC TV 15 July
Republic of Ireland Glenroe SBS TV 18 July
France Supercities SBS TV 19 July
United Kingdom Jo Brand Through the Cakehole Seven Network 21 July
Germany Dolphin Stories SBS TV 21 July
Canada Ooh La La SBS TV 22 July
United States Great Chefs of San Francisco SBS TV 23 July
Germany Switch SBS TV 26 July
Wales/United Kingdom Thicker than Water ABC TV 31 July
United Kingdom As Time Goes By ABC TV 8 August
France/Canada Highlander: The Series Seven Network 11 August
United Kingdom Underbelly (UK) ABC TV 14 August
France Orson and Olivia ABC TV 19 August
United States Space Age: The Quest for Planet Mars SBS TV 21 August
United States SeaQuest DSV Network Ten 28 August
United States Models Inc. Network Ten 30 August
United States Mad About You Network Ten 30 August
United States Burke's Law (1994) Network Ten 2 September
United States Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Nine Network 10 September
United States Café Americain Seven Network 14 September
United Kingdom Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie ABC TV 17 September
United States Good Advice Nine Network 19 September
Croatia Countess Dora SBS TV 21 September
United Kingdom So Haunt Me ABC TV 22 September
United Kingdom The Lodge ABC TV 26 September
United Kingdom Sea Dragon ABC TV 26 September
Spain Seven Signs SBS TV 27 September
United Kingdom Wallace and Gromit ABC TV 30 September
United Kingdom Noel's House Party Nine Network 30 September
United States Exosquad Network Ten 15 October
United Kingdom Mansion: Great Houses of Europe SBS TV 18 October
United Kingdom Discovering Japan ABC TV 19 October
New Zealand Shortland Street SBS TV 24 October
United Kingdom Side by Side ABC TV 29 October
United States The Sinbad Show Seven Network 1 November
United Kingdom The Dreamstone ABC TV 6 November
United Kingdom The Riff Raff Element ABC TV 12 November
United Kingdom Budgie the Little Helicopter ABC TV 18 November
United Kingdom Tumbledown Farm ABC TV 18 November
United Kingdom Bottom ABC TV 22 November
United States Ricki Lake Network Ten 28 November
United States The John Larroquette Show Nine Network 28 November
United States Byrds of Paradise Network Ten 28 November
United States The Mommies Seven Network 1 December
United States Renegade Nine Network 1 December
United States Diagnosis: Murder Nine Network 1 December
United States The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Nine Network 3 December
United States Cobra Seven Network 3 December
United States Babylon 5 Seven Network 3 December
United States/Canada Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Nine Network 5 December
United Kingdom Sea Trek ABC TV 8 December
United Kingdom Open a Door ABC TV 11 December
United States/Wales The Little Engine That Could ABC TV 11 December
United Kingdom Prince Cinders ABC TV 11 December
United States The Nightmare Years Seven Network 12 December
United Kingdom Byker Grove ABC TV 13 December
Spain Three Stars SBS TV 16 December
United Kingdom Rubbish, King of the Jumble ABC TV 18 December
United States Wild Palms Nine Network 19 December
Germany Success SBS TV 23 December
United Kingdom The Mousehole Cat ABC TV 25 December
United States Brains & Brawn (1993) Seven Network 26 December
France Twins of Destiny ABC TV 27 December
United States What's Up Doc?: A Salute to Bugs Bunny ABC TV 28 December
United Kingdom See How They Grow ABC TV 29 December
United Kingdom The World of Hammer SBS TV 31 December
United States Mighty Max Seven Network 1994
United States/Canada Tales from the Cryptkeeper Network Ten 1994
United States Bonkers Seven Network 1994
United States Marsupilami Seven Network 1994

Changes to network affiliation[edit]

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on an Australian television network that had previously premiered on another Australian television network. The networks involved in the switch of allegiances are predominantly both free-to-air networks or both subscription television networks. Programs that have their free-to-air/subscription television premiere, after previously premiering on the opposite platform (free-to air to subscription/subscription to free-to air) are not included. In some cases, programs may still air on the original television network. This occurs predominantly with programs shared between subscription television networks.


Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
A Country Practice Network Ten Seven Network 13 April
Ship to Shore ABC TV Nine Network 2 October


Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
United Kingdom The Black Adder ABC TV Seven Network 8 April
United Kingdom Fawlty Towers Seven Network ABC TV 14 April
United Kingdom Executive Stress Network Ten ABC TV 22 April
United Kingdom Blackadder II ABC TV Seven Network 13 May
United States The Wonderful World of Disney Network Ten Nine Network, Seven Network 5 June
United Kingdom Blackadder the Third ABC TV Seven Network 10 June
United Kingdom Blackadder Goes Forth ABC TV Seven Network 24 June
United Kingdom Woof! ABC TV Nine Network 9 October



Seven Network

Nine Network

Network Ten

Ending this year[edit]

Date Show Channel Debut
22 January Let the Blood Run Free Channel Ten 1990
4 February Supermarket Sweep Channel Nine 1992
16 March Newlyweds Channel Seven 1993
20 March Kideo ABC 1993
21 March Mother and Son ABC 1984
28 April Alan Jones Live Channel Ten 31 January 1994
13 May Blockbusters Channel Seven 1991
27 May All in a Day's Work ABC 1992
1 June Heartland ABC 23 March 1994
16 June Loud ABC 11 April 1994
27 June The Adventures of Blinky Bill ABC 23 May 1994
3 July EC Plays Lift Off ABC 10 April 1994
8 July Paradise Beach Channel Nine 1993
16 August The Bob Morrison Show Channel Nine 22 February 1994
17 August Hey Dad...! Channel Seven 1987
18 August The Damnation of Harvey McHugh ABC 2 June 1994
14 October Strike It Lucky Channel Nine 11 July 1994
5 November A Country Practice Channel Ten (Channel Seven, 1981–1993) 18 April 1994
25 November Man O Man Channel Seven 5 February 1994
9 December Stampede ABC 10 June 1994
14 December Live and Sweaty ABC 1991
24 December Video Smash Hits Channel Seven 1990

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