1995 Borodianka mid-air collision

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1995 Borodianka mid-air collision
Accident summary
Date 10 February 1995 (1995-02-10)
Summary Mid-air collision caused by pilot error
Site Borodianka Raion, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine
50°44′38.3″N 29°55′19.1″E / 50.743972°N 29.921972°E / 50.743972; 29.921972Coordinates: 50°44′38.3″N 29°55′19.1″E / 50.743972°N 29.921972°E / 50.743972; 29.921972
Total fatalities 7
Total survivors 5
First aircraft
Antonov An-70 in 1994.jpg
The aircraft involved in the accident during ground tests, the month before its first flight
Type Antonov An-70
Operator Antonov Design Bureau
Crew 7
Fatalities 7 (all)
Survivors 0
Second aircraft
Russia Air Force An-72 RA-72979 CKL 2006-2-7.png
An Antonov An-72, similar to the one involved.
Type Antonov An-72
Operator Antonov Design Bureau
Crew 5
Fatalities 0
Survivors 5 (all)

On 10 February 1995 at 16:09 CET, the first Antonov An-70 prototype aircraft collided with an Antonov An-72 that was assisting with the An-70 test program over Borodianka Raion in Ukraine. All 7 crew members on board the An-70 were killed; the An-72 was able to make a safe emergency landing at Gostomel Airport in Kiev with no fatalities.[1]


A Ukrainian-led commission reported that the cause was human error and blamed the flight maneuvers by the crew as the major contributing factor to the crash. Leonid Berestov is quoted as saying "The careless actions of both crews in their formation flying led to a collision and crash."[2]

Several faults were observed in the three test flights that took place before the accident flight, including flight control problems during the second flight and again during the third flight, on the day preceding the crash.[2]


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