1995 Sudirman Cup

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1995 Sudirman Cup
Tournament details
Dates17 May – 20 May
VenueMalley Sports Centre
LocationLausanne, Switzerland
1993 1997

The 1995 Sudirman Cup was the fourth tournament of the World Mixed Team Badminton Championships. It was held from May 17 to May 20, 1995 in Lausanne, Switzerland.


49 teams participated in this edition of Sudirman Cup. Nigeria and Spain also entered but ultimately did not participate.[1]

Group 1[edit]

Subgroup A[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
China China South Korea South Korea 3-2
China China England England 3-2
South Korea South Korea England England 4-1

Subgroup B[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Indonesia Indonesia Denmark Denmark 3-2
Indonesia Indonesia Thailand Thailand 5-0
Denmark Denmark Thailand Thailand 4-1

Relegation playoff[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
England England Thailand Thailand 3-2

Semi Finals[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Indonesia Indonesia South Korea South Korea 4-1
China China Denmark Denmark 4-1


1995 Sudirman Cup Champions


First title

Group 2[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Sweden Sweden Netherlands Netherlands 5-0
Sweden Sweden Russia Russia 3-2
Sweden Sweden Japan Japan 4-1
Netherlands Netherlands Russia Russia 3-2
Netherlands Netherlands Japan Japan 4-1
Russia Russia Japan Japan 4-1

Group 3[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Canada Canada 3-2
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Germany Germany 3-2
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Scotland Scotland 3-2
Canada Canada Germany Germany 3-2
Canada Canada Scotland Scotland 4-1
Germany Germany Scotland Scotland 4-1

Group 4[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Australia Australia New Zealand New Zealand 3-2
Australia Australia Hong Kong Hong Kong 4-1
Australia Australia Austria Austria 4-1
New Zealand New Zealand Hong Kong Hong Kong 3-2
New Zealand New Zealand Austria Austria 5-0
Hong Kong Hong Kong Austria Austria 4-1

Group 5[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Norway Norway India India 3-2
Norway Norway Finland Finland 3-2
Norway Norway Czech Republic Czech Republic 4-1
India India Finland Finland 4-1
India India Czech Republic Czech Republic 4-1
Finland Finland Czech Republic Czech Republic 3-2

Group 6[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Poland Poland Switzerland Switzerland 3-2
Poland Poland United States United States 4-1
Poland Poland Iceland Iceland 5-0
Switzerland Switzerland United States United States 2-3
Switzerland Switzerland Iceland Iceland 4-1
United States United States Iceland Iceland 2-3

Group 7[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Ukraine Ukraine Republic of Ireland Ireland 4-1
Ukraine Ukraine Bulgaria Bulgaria 4-1
Ukraine Ukraine Wales Wales 3-2
Republic of Ireland Ireland Bulgaria Bulgaria 1-4
Republic of Ireland Ireland Wales Wales 1-4
Bulgaria Bulgaria Wales Wales 2-3

Group 8[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
France France Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 4-1
France France Belgium Belgium 3-2
France France Hungary Hungary 4-1
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Belgium Belgium 3-2
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Hungary Hungary 4-1
Belgium Belgium Hungary Hungary 3-2

Group 9[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Belarus Belarus Spain Spain 5-0
Belarus Belarus Peru Peru 5-0
Belarus Belarus Portugal Portugal 4-1
Belarus Belarus Pakistan Pakistan 5-0
Spain Spain Peru Peru 4-1
Spain Spain Portugal Portugal 3-2
Spain Spain Pakistan Pakistan 4-1
Peru Peru Portugal Portugal 3-2
Peru Peru Pakistan Pakistan 3-2
Portugal Portugal Pakistan Pakistan 5-0

Group 10[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Mauritius Mauritius Israel Israel 5-0
Mauritius Mauritius Slovenia Slovenia 5-0
Mauritius Mauritius Cyprus Cyprus 4-1
Mauritius Mauritius Italy Italy 3-2
Israel Israel Slovenia Slovenia 3-2
Israel Israel Cyprus Cyprus 5-0
Israel Israel Italy Italy 5-0
Slovenia Slovenia Cyprus Cyprus 5-0
Slovenia Slovenia Italy Italy 4-1
Cyprus Cyprus Italy Italy 3-2

Group 11[edit]

Team One Team Two Score
Slovakia Slovakia Malta Malta 4-1
Slovakia Slovakia Brazil Brazil 5-0
Slovakia Slovakia Argentina Argentina 4-1
Slovakia Slovakia Morocco Morocco 3-2
Malta Malta Brazil Brazil 3-2
Malta Malta Argentina Argentina 4-1
Malta Malta Morocco Morocco 5-0
Brazil Brazil Argentina Argentina 4-1
Brazil Brazil Morocco Morocco 5-0
Argentina Argentina Morocco Morocco 5-0

Final classification[edit]

Group 1
Pos Country
1  China
2  Indonesia
3  South Korea
3  Denmark
5  England
6  Thailand
Group 2
Pos Country
7  Sweden
8  Netherlands
9  Russia
10  Japan
Group 3
Pos Country
11  Chinese Taipei
12  Canada
13  Germany
14  Scotland
Group 4
Pos Country
15  Australia
16  New Zealand
17  Hong Kong
18  Austria
Group 5
Pos Country
19  Norway
20  India
21  Finland
22  Czech Republic
Group 6
Pos Country
23  Poland
24   Switzerland
25  United States
26  Iceland
Group 7
Pos Country
27  Ukraine
28  Wales
29  Bulgaria
30  Ireland
Group 8
Pos Country
31  France
32  Kazakhstan
33  Belgium
34  Hungary
Group 9
Pos Country
35  Belarus
36  Spain
37  Peru
38  Portugal
39  Pakistan
Group 10
Pos Country
40  Mauritius
41  Israel
42  Slovenia
43  Cyprus
44  Italy
Group 11
Pos Country
45  Slovakia
46  Malta
47  Brazil
48  Argentina
49  Morocco
  Promoted to higher group
  Relegated to lower group


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