1995 Wuding earthquake

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1995 Wuding earthquake
1995 Wuding earthquake is located in China
1995 Wuding earthquake
Date October 24, 1995, local time (October 23, 1995 UTC)
Magnitude Mw 6.2
Depth 10 km
Epicenter 26°00′11″N 102°13′37″E / 26.003°N 102.227°E / 26.003; 102.227
Areas affected China
Casualties 53

The 1995 Wuding earthquake occurred on October 23, 1995, at 22:46 UTC (October 24, 1995, at 06:46 local time). The epicenter was located near Fenduo Village (芬多村), Fawo Township (发窝乡) of the Wuding County, Yunnan, China. The magnitude of the earthquake was put at Mw 6.2, or Ms 6.5. 53 people were reported dead and 13 903 injured.[1] Many houses and public buildings were damaged, including the Fawo Middle School (发窝中学) and the Fawo Township Office.[2] This earthquake could be felt in southwestern Sichuan.[3]

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