1995 in Australia

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1995 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General Bill Hayden
Prime minister Paul Keating
Population 17,071,758
Elections ACT, NSW, QLD
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Premiers and Chief Ministers[edit]

Governors and Administrators[edit]


  • 30 January – John Howard becomes federal Liberal Party leader and thus federal leader of the opposition after the resignation of Alexander Downer.
  • 18 February – Elections in the Australian Capital Territory replace the minority Australian Labor Party government of Rosemary Follett and elect a minority Liberal Party government of Kate Carnell.
  • 25 March – Bob Carr leads the Labor Party to victory in the New South Wales state election, deposing the Liberal/National coalition government of John Fahey that had been in power since 1988.
  • May – The Australian Grand Prix is moved from Adelaide to Melbourne after the Premier of Victoria spends what is reported to be quite a large amount on securing the rights to the race from 1996 onwards. Protests ensue about what many saw as the turning of public parkland into a private racetrack.
  • June–July – Qantas is privatised.
  • 1 July – Telecom Australia changes its domestic trading name to Telstra.
  • 15 July – The Queensland state election produces a hung Parliament, with Labor holding a one seat majority over the Liberal/National coalition. However, irregularities are reported in the seat of Mundingburra, which was won by the Labor Party. After a recount, the seat goes to the coalition. This, combined with the decision of Gladstone-based independent Liz Cunningham to support the coalition, ensures that the coalition form the government in Queensland.
  • 31 August – The cast bronze statue of the dog Larry La Trobe situated on the northern end of Melbourne's City Square is stolen.
  • 20 October – Brenda Hodge, the last person to be sentenced to death in Australia before the full abolition of capital punishment, is paroled from prison after serving eleven years of a life sentence.
  • 24 October – Anna Wood, 15-year-old schoolgirl from Sydney, dies after taking ecstasy at a rave. Her death sparks a media firestorm and a national debate over the use of illicit drugs.
  • 3 November- After a six-month trial, David Harold Eastman is convicted by a jury of the assassination of AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester. He is sentenced to life imprisonment and can only be released by approval of the ACT parliament, Federal Parliament and the Governor-General.
  • November – The rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) escapes from an island testing station in South Australia & quickly spreads into Victoria. It is estimated that the feral rabbit population would be permanently reduced by 60%.
  • 3 December – The ANZAC Bridge in Sydney is opened to traffic.
  • 4 December – A gas explosion at Kogarah railway station, Sydney kills two people.







  • Warringah Council becomes the first council in Australia to use dung beetles to pick up dog droppings.


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