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List of years in LGBT rights (table)

This is a list of notable events in the history of LGBT rights that took place in the year 1995.



  • 1 – Sweden begins registering same-sex domestic partners. Same-sex couples receive most of the rights of mixed-sex marriages but do not receive the right to a church wedding, the right to adopt children or the right to artificial insemination.[2]
  • 19 – The District of Columbia Court of Appeals rules in Dean v. District of Columbia that the district's human rights ordinance barring discrimination based on sexual orientation does not guarantee a right to same-sex marriage.[3]


  • 2 – A judge in Tennessee rules that the state's sodomy law violates the state constitution.[4]
  • 17 – The Canadian province of British Columbia announces new regulations allowing gay and lesbian people to adopt children.[5]



  • 17 – Hillsborough County, Florida commissioners repeal the county's gay rights law.[7]
  • 25 – In Egan v. Canada the Supreme Court of Canada rules that sexual orientation is a prohibited ground of discrimination under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a part of the constitution. Section 15 does not explicitly list sexual orientation, but is designed to permit the addition of new grounds by the courts. The ruling will have a wide impact since section 15 applies to all laws, including human rights laws that prohibit discrimination by all employers, landlords, service providers and governments.





  • 30 – San Francisco outlaws discrimination based on gender identity.[11]



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