1996 EFDA Nations Cup

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1996 EFDA Nations Cup
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The EFDA Nations Cup, was a Country vs Country competition for Formula Opel cars between 1990 and 1998. It had always been Dan Partel's dream to stage a race that pitted drivers in equal cars racing for their country. The Formula Opel/Vauxhall one make racing series offered the best opportunity for such an event.

The 1996 EFDA Nations Cup (Nations Cup VII), was held at Donington Park, England (2/3 November 1996).

Final positions[edit]

Position Country Driver 1 Driver 2
1  Germany Pierre Kaffer Norman Simon
2  United States Jerry Nadeau Tony Renna
3  Brazil Wagner Ebrahim Ricardo Mauricio
4  Great Britain Peter Duke Adam Wilcox
5  Portugal Frederico Viegas Ricardo Teodósio
6  Netherlands Sepp Koster Sandor van Es
7  Ireland Wayne Douglas Derek Cunneely
8  Australia Jason Bargwanna Marcos Ambrose
9  Italy Giovanni Montanari Alessandro Marelli
10  Russia Viktor Kozankov Vassiljev Aleksel
11  Sweden Tobias Andersson Mikael Karlsson
12  United Nations Madis Kasemets Marco Nevalainen
13  European Union Henry Stanton Warren Carway


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