1997 Brownlow Medal

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1997 Brownlow Medal
Winner Robert Harvey (St Kilda)
26 votes
Television/Radio coverage
Network Seven Network

The 1997 Brownlow Medal was the 70th year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Australian Football League (AFL) home and away season.[1] Robert Harvey of the St Kilda Football Club won the medal by polling twenty-six votes during the 1997 AFL season.[2] Despite polling more votes than Harvey, Chris Grant of the Western Bulldogs was ineligible due to suspension.

Leading votegetters[edit]

Player Votes
Chris Grant (Western Bulldogs)* 27
1st Robert Harvey (St Kilda) 26
=2nd Peter Matera (West Coast) 21
Paul Kelly (Sydney)
=4th Nathan Burke (St Kilda) 18
Mark Ricciuto (Adelaide)
6th Brad Sholl (Geelong) 16
=7th Andrew Wills (Fremantle) 15
Craig Bradley (Carlton)
=9th Paul Salmon (Hawthorn) 13
Nathan Buckley (Collingwood)
Darren Jarman (Adelaide)* 13
Dale Lewis (Sydney)*

* The player was ineligible to win the medal due to suspension by the AFL Tribunal during the year.


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