1997 FIA GT Helsinki 3 Hours

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The 1997 FIA GT Helsinki 3 Hours was the third race of the 1997 FIA GT Championship season. It was run at a temporary street circuit in Helsinki, Finland on May 25, 1997, jointly with the Formula 3000.

Due to the short distance of the event and small size of the circuit, many teams opted not to participate in the event. This included the factory Porsche and Chrysler squads.

Official results[edit]

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 75% of winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 GT1 8 Germany BMW Motorsport
Germany Schnitzer Motorsport
Finland JJ Lehto
United Kingdom Steve Soper
McLaren F1 GTR M 113
BMW S70 6.0L V12
2 GT1 16 Germany Roock Racing Germany Ralf Kelleners
France Stéphane Ortelli
Porsche 911 GT1 M 110
Porsche 3.2L Turbo Flat-6
3 GT1 2 United Kingdom Gulf Team Davidoff
United Kingdom GTC Racing
Germany Thomas Bscher
Denmark John Nielsen
McLaren F1 GTR M 110
BMW S70 6.0L V12
4 GT1 1 United Kingdom Gulf Team Davidoff
United Kingdom GTC Racing
United Kingdom Andrew Gilbert-Scott
France Jean-Marc Gounon
France Pierre-Henri Raphanel
McLaren F1 GTR M 109
BMW S70 6.0L V12
5 GT1 24 United Kingdom GBF UK Ltd. Italy Mauro Martini
Italy Andrea Boldrini
Lotus Elise GT1 M 109
Lotus 3.5L Turbo V8
6 GT1 22 Italy BMS Scuderia Italia Italy Pierluigi Martini
Italy Christian Pescatori
Porsche 911 GT1 P 108
Porsche 3.2L Turbo Flat-6
7 GT1 26 Germany Konrad Motorsport Austria Franz Konrad
Italy Mauro Baldi
Italy Max Angelelli
Porsche 911 GT1 P 108
Porsche 3.2L Turbo Flat-6
8 GT1 11 Germany AMG-Mercedes Germany Bernd Schneider
Austria Alexander Wurz
Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR B 107
Mercedes-Benz LS600 6.0L V12
9 GT2 56 Germany Roock Racing Germany Claudia Hürtgen
Switzerland Bruno Eichmann
Portugal Ni Amorim
Porsche 911 GT2 M 106
Porsche 3.6L Turbo Flat-6
10 GT2 59 Netherlands Marcos Racing International Netherlands Cor Euser
Germany Harald Becker
Marcos LM600 D 106
Chevrolet 5.9L V8
11 GT1 31 Austria Augustin Motorsport Austria Karl Augustin
Austria Horst Felbermayr
Italy Stefano Buttiero
Porsche 911 GT2 Evo G 103
Porsche 3.6L Turbo Flat-6
12 GT2 63 Germany Krauss Motorsport Germany Michael Trunk
Germany Bernhard Müller
Porsche 911 GT2 P 103
Porsche 3.6L Turbo Flat-6
13 GT1 9 Germany BMW Motorsport
Germany Schnitzer Motorsport
Netherlands Peter Kox
Italy Roberto Ravaglia
McLaren F1 GTR M 101
BMW S70 6.0L V12
14 GT2 53 United Kingdom Chamberlain Engineering Finland Pertti Lievonen
Finland Jari Nurminen
Chrysler Viper GTS-R G 100
Chrysler 8.0L V10
15 GT2 55 Austria Augustin Motorsport Austria Manfred Jurasz
Germany Helmut Reis
Germany Wido Rössler
Porsche 911 GT2 G 100
Porsche 3.6L Turbo Flat-6
16 GT1 10 Germany AMG-Mercedes Germany Klaus Ludwig
Italy Alessandro Nannini
Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR B 98
Mercedes-Benz LS600 6.0L V12
17 GT1 15 United Kingdom Lotus Racing Franck Muller
France Giroix Racing
France Fabien Giroix
Thailand Ratanakul Prutirat
Switzerland Jean-Denis Délétraz
Lotus Elise GT1 P 97
Chevrolet LT5 6.0L V8
18 GT2 69 Germany Proton Competition Germany Gerold Ried
France Patrick Vuillaume
Porsche 911 GT2 P 94
Porsche 3.6L Turbo Flat-6
19 GT2 60 Netherlands Marcos Racing International Finland Ville-Pertti Teuronen
Finland Teijo Lahti
Marcos LM600 D 93
Chevrolet 5.9L V8
20 GT1 23 United Kingdom GBF UK Ltd. Italy Luca Badoer
Italy Mimmo Schiattarella
Lotus Elise GT1 M 83
Lotus 3.5L Turbo V8
GT2 57 Germany Roock Racing France François Lafon
France Jean-Pierre Jarier
Porsche 911 GT2 M 65
Porsche 3.6L Turbo Flat-6
GT2 80 United Kingdom Morgan Motor Company United Kingdom Charles Morgan
United Kingdom William Wykeham
Morgan Plus 8 GTR D 31
Rover V8 3.9L V8
GT2 66 Germany Konrad Motorsport France Michel Ligonnet
Italy Marco Spinelli
Switzerland Toni Seiler
Porsche 911 GT2 P 30
Porsche 3.6L Turbo Flat-6


  • Pole Position – #8 BMW Motorsport – 1:26.097
  • Fastest Lap – #11 AMG-Mercedes – 1:27.901
  • Distance – 359.341 km
  • Average Speed – 119.420 km/h

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