1997 Primus 1000 Classic

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This article is about the V8Supercar race. For the Super Touring car race, see 1997 AMP Bathurst 1000.
1997 Primus 1000 Classic
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The 1997 Primus 1000 Classic was a 1000 kilometre endurance race for V8 Supercars,[1] staged at the Mount Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia on 19 October 1997.

It was the inaugural "1000 Classic" race,[1] created in response to the desire of V8 Supercar organisers AVESCO to compete at the popular Mount Panorama Circuit outside of the traditional Bathurst 1000 event, as AVESCO were in conflict with the Bathurst 1000 organisers, the Australian Racing Drivers' Club. While many attempts were made to broker a peace between the two bodies, there was a fundamental chasm over the issue of television coverage with AVESCO holding a series contract with Network Ten and the ARDC holding a contract with the Seven Network. The impasse was solved when Bathurst City Council negotiated a deal with AVESCO for a separate race, to be held two weeks after the 1997 AMP Bathurst 1000, which subsequently went ahead with a field of Australian and British Supertouring cars.

Class structure[edit]

Level 1[edit]

These were the full-time professional teams, aiming to win the race outright and holders of a 'Level 1' V8 Supercar franchise.

Level 2[edit]

The smaller, part-time 'Level 2' teams, running on a Dunlop control tyre of lower, cheaper specification.

Special level 1[edit]

The smaller, part-time 'Level 2' teams, who wished to run on the tyres of their own choosing.

Top 10 Shootout[edit]

Pos No Team Driver Car Time
Pole 05 Holden Racing Team Australia Mark Skaife Holden VS Commodore 2:10.0397
2 1 Glenn Seton Racing Australia Glenn Seton Ford EL Falcon 2:10.8120
3 15 Holden Racing Team New Zealand Greg Murphy Holden VS Commodore 2:11.0270
4 11 Perkins Engineering Australia Larry Perkins Holden VS Commodore 2:11.0826
5 97 Holden Young Lions Australia Jason Bargwanna Holden VS Commodore 2:11.0887
6 9 Alan Jones Racing Australia Alan Jones Ford EL Falcon 2:11.2317
7 17 Dick Johnson Racing Australia Dick Johnson Ford EL Falcon 2:11.3336
8 46 John Faulkner Racing New Zealand John Faulkner Holden VS Commodore 2:11.4114
9 18 Dick Johnson Racing Australia Steven Johnson Ford EL Falcon 2:11.6200
10 7 Wayne Gardner Racing Australia Wayne Gardner Holden VS Commodore 2:12.8269

Official results[edit]

Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Laps Qual
1 L1 11 Perkins Engineering Australia Larry Perkins
Australia Russell Ingall
Holden VS Commodore 161 6 4
2 L1 34 Garry Rogers Motorsport New Zealand Steven Richards
New Zealand Jim Richards
Holden VS Commodore 161 11
3 L1 10 Larkham Motor Sport Australia Mark Larkham
Australia Andrew Miedecke
Ford EL Falcon 161 12
4 L1 18 Dick Johnson Racing Australia Steven Johnson
New Zealand Craig Baird
Ford EL Falcon 158 10 9
5 L1 46 John Faulkner Racing New Zealand John Faulkner
United Kingdom Win Percy
Holden VS Commodore 154 7 8
6 L1 45 Gibson Motorsport Australia Darren Hossack
Australia Steven Ellery
Holden VS Commodore 154 15
7 L2 14 Malcolm Stenniken Australia Malcolm Stenniken
Australia Peter Gazzard
Holden VS Commodore 154 33
8 S1 3 Lansvale Racing Team Australia Steve Reed
Australia Trevor Ashby
Holden VS Commodore 153 18
9 L2 36 Schembri Motorsport Australia Neil Schembri
Australia Ian Luff
Holden VS Commodore 153 30
10 S1 27 Terry Finnigan Australia Terry Finnigan
Australia Terry Shiel
Holden VS Commodore 153 17
11 L1 9 Alan Jones Racing Australia Alan Jones
United States Scott Pruett
Australia Jason Bright
Ford EL Falcon 153 9 6
12 L2 16 Perkins Engineering Australia Melinda Price
Australia Kerryn Brewer
Holden VS Commodore 152 DNQ
13 L2 44 Mal Rose Racing Australia Mal Rose
Australia Kevin Burton
Holden VS Commodore 150 27
14 S1 49 Greg Crick Motorsport Australia Greg Crick
Australia Peter Fitzgerald
Holden VS Commodore 150 14
15 L2 20 Palmer Promotions Australia Ian Palmer
Australia John English
Holden VS Commodore 146 36
16 L2 21 Walden Racing Australia Brian Walden
Australia Steve Williams
Holden VP Commodore 144 37
17 L2 39 Challenge Motorsport Australia Chris Smerdon
Australia Charlie Cox
Holden VS Commodore 143 25
18 L2 26 M3 Motorsport Australia Peter Doulman
Australia John Cotter
Holden VP Commodore [2] 139 21
19 L2 74 PACE Racing Australia Kevin Heffernan
Australia Danny Osborne
Holden VS Commodore 135 24
DNF L2 62 Novacastrian Motorsport Australia Wayne Russell
Australia Ric Shaw
Holden VS Commodore 126 34
DNF L1 1 Glenn Seton Racing Australia Glenn Seton
Australia David Parsons
Ford EL Falcon 121 3 2
DNF L2 40 Michael Hart Australia Michael Hart
Australia Peter Lawrence
Holden VR Commodore 119 40
DNF L1 25 Longhurst Racing Australia Tony Longhurst
Australia Charlie O'Brien
Ford EL Falcon 110 39
DNF L2 37 The Xerox Shop Australia Alan Taylor
Australia Bill Attard
Australia Stephen Bell
Holden VP Commodore 110 38
DNF L2 58 Everlast Automotive Australia Peter O'Brien
Australia Brian Callaghan Jr
Australia Ron Barnacle
Holden VR Commodore 109 35
DNF L2 13 John Faulkner Racing Australia Ryan McLeod
Australia Darren Pate
Holden VR Commodore [2] 101 22
DNF L2 28 Playscape Racing New Zealand Kevin Waldock
Australia John Smith
Ford EF Falcon 92 29
DNF L1 7 Wayne Gardner Racing Australia Wayne Gardner
Australia Neil Crompton
Holden VS Commodore 89 4 10
DNF L2 79 Cadillac Productions Australia Mike Conway
Australia Gavin Monaghan
Ford EB Falcon 79 28
DNF S1 38 James Rosenberg Racing Australia Mark Poole
Australia Tony Scott
Holden VS Commodore 74 19
DNF S1 24 Romano Racing Australia Paul Romano
Australia Allan Grice
Holden VS Commodore 69 20
DNF L2 23 Ray Hislop Australia Ray Hislop
Australia Tim Briggs
Ford EF Falcon 62 26
DNF L2 41 Garry Willmington Performance Australia Garry Willmington
Australia Bill Sieders
Holden VR Commodore 61 32
DNF L1 05 Holden Racing Team Australia Peter Brock
Australia Mark Skaife
Holden VS Commodore 52 2 1
DNF L2 12 Rod Smith Racing Australia (Bruce Williams)
Australia (Paul Gover)
Holden VS Commodore 46 31
DNF L2 33 Pro-Duct Motorsport Australia Bob Pearson
Australia Allan McCarthy
Holden VS Commodore 43 23
DNF L1 15 Holden Racing Team Australia Craig Lowndes
New Zealand Greg Murphy
Holden VS Commodore 38 8 3
DNF S1 47 CDB Bottle Magic Australia (John Trimbole)
Australia Tomas Mezera
Holden VS Commodore 25 13
DNF L1 17 Dick Johnson Racing Australia (Dick Johnson)
Australia John Bowe
Ford EL Falcon 17 5 7
DNF L1 54 Wayne Gardner Racing Australia (Peter Bradbury)
Australia Paul Stokell
Australia (Anthony Tratt)
Holden VS Commodore 16 16
DNS [3] L1 97 Holden Young Lions Australia (Jason Bargwanna)
Australia (Mark Noske)
Holden VS Commodore 1 5

The names of drivers who did not drive in the actual race are shown in the above table within brackets.[4]


  • Provisional pole position (Fastest in Qualifying) - #97 Jason Bargwanna - 2:10.9216
  • Pole position (Fastest in Top 10 Shootout)- #05 Mark Skaife - 2:10.0397
  • Fastest race lap - #11 Larry Perkins - 2:12.3398 (new lap record) [2]
  • Winners' average speed - 157.14 km/h [2] (V8 Supercar record)
  • Most laps led - Perkins/Ingall - 80 [2]


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