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The 1997 Webby Awards were the first of the annual Webby Awards, and also the first-ever nationally televised awards ceremony devoted to the Internet. 700 people attended the event on March 6, 1997, at Bimbo's Night Club in San Francisco, California.[1]

Nominees and winners[edit]

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Category Webby Award winner Other nominees
Art and Design Entropy8

(Archived 15 April 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 12 April 1997 via Wayback)



Eadweard Muybridge: New Media Pioneer

(Archived 15 January 2009 via Wayback)

Migraine Boy

(Archived 3 February 1997 via Wayback)

Books and magazines Salon

(Archived 12 December 1998 via Wayback)

Feed Magazine

(Archived 25 February 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 14 January 1997 via Wayback)

24 Hours in Cyberspace

(Archived 11 February 1997 via Wayback)

Urban Desires

(Archived 21 February 1997 via Wayback)

Games You Don't Know Jack


Macromedia Shockwave Gallery

(Archived 26 October 1996 via Wayback)

Happy Puppy

(Archived 12 April 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 22 March 1997 via Wayback)

Games Domain

(Archived 13 April 1997 via Wayback)

Home Family Planet

(Archived 17 October 1996 via Wayback)


(Archived 3 May 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 7 March 1997 via Wayback)

Britannica Online

(Archived 3 July 1998 via Wayback)

Toiletology 101

(Archived 20 February 1997 via Wayback)

Living / Health Reuters Health Information

(Archived 4 January 1997 via Wayback)

Women's Edge

(Archived 1 December 1998 via Wayback)

Planet Out

(Archived 22 February 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 17 January 1999 via Wayback)


(Archived 9 February 1997 via Wayback)

Money Edmunds Automobile Guide

(Archived 28 March 1997 via Wayback)

The Motley Fool

(Archived 26 January 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 16 February 1998 via Wayback)


(Archived 30 March 1997 via Wayback)

Adbuster's Culture Jammer's Headquarters

(Archived 17 February 1997 via Wayback)

Movie and Film Internet Movie Database

(Archived 22 January 1997 via Wayback)

Cinemedia Site

(Archived 19 June 1997 via Wayback)

Mr. Showbiz

(Archived 26 October 1996 via Wayback)


(Archived 18 October 1996 via Wayback)


(Archived 9 April 1997 via Wayback)

Music SonicNet

(Archived 6 June 1997 via Wayback)



Addicted to Noise

(Archived 15 June 1997 via Wayback)

Microsoft Music Central

(Archived 15 February 1997 via Wayback)



Politics + Law The Netizen

(Archived 2 December 1998 via Wayback)


(Archived 7 April 1997 via Wayback)

California Voter Foundation

(Archived 20 April 2012 via Wayback)

Channel A

(Archived 7 February 1997 via Wayback)

The Stalker's Home Page

(Archived 17 January 1999[dead link] via Wayback)

Science The Exploratorium

(Archived 15 January 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 16 July 1998 via Wayback)

The Discovery Channel Online

(Archived 30 March 1997 via Wayback)

Scientific American

(Archived 15 February 1997 via Wayback)

Smithsonian Magazine

(Archived 14 April 1997 via Wayback)

Sports ESPNet SportsZone

(Archived 2 December 1998[dead link] via Wayback)


(Archived 12 April 1997 via Wayback)

The Coach's Edge

(Archived 31 January 1997 via Wayback)

Instant Ballpark

(Archived 1 January 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 4 February 1997 via Wayback)

Television The Gist

(Archived 12 February 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 15 June 1997 via Wayback)

PBS Online

(Archived 5 June 1997 via Wayback)

UltimateTV (Online Service)

(Archived 25 January 1998 via Wayback)

The Biz

(Archived 2 December 2000 via Wayback)

Travel TravelMag

(Archived 5 December 1998 via Wayback)

The Rough Guide USA

(Archived 8 March 2001[dead link] via Wayback)

Route 66

(Archived 5 February 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 27 January 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 27 February 1997 via Wayback)

Weird Gallery of the Absurd

(Archived 5 December 1998 via Wayback)

Ad Nauseam

(Archived 1 December 1998 via Wayback)



Entropy Gradient Reversal

(Archived 15 June 1997 via Wayback)


(Archived 18 April 1997 via Wayback)


Whereas in later years the panelists were official members of International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, in 1997 the awards were chosen and given by IDG's The Web Magazine, which appointed a panel to judge the competition.[2]

The panel of judges was:[3]

Dean Andrews Contributing writer, The Web Magazine
Spencer Ante Associate editor, The Web Magazine
Justine Bateman Star, Men Behaving Badly
Alex Bennett Radio host
Jane Bosveld Contributing writer, The Web Magazine; former editor at Ms, Omni, NetGuide
Lily Burana Former editor in chief, Future Sex; The Web Magazine regular columnist
Ted Casablanca E! Entertainment Television and E! Online gossip columnist
James Cury Senior Associate Editor, The Web Magazine
The Eels Rock band, DreamWorks Records
Ira Flatow Executive Producer/Host, National Public Radio Science
Steve Fox Editor-in-Chief, The Web Magazine
Angela Freeman PC World Assistant Editor
Kurt Freytag President, Lucid Dreams
David Futrelle Editor, Salon
Lisa Goldman President, Construct Internet Design
Michael Goodwin Movie critic, computer journalist
Michael Gough Editor in Chief, Sidewalk.com
Nina Hartley Actress
Ean Hauts Computer journalist
Glen Helfand Freelance writer
Eric Hellweg Contributing writer, The Web Magazine; Staff Editor, PC World
Marjorie Ingall Freelance writer
Penn Jillette Magician, performer
Amy Johns Editor, Wired
Pagan Kennedy Contributing Editor, The Web Magazine; author
Todd Lappin Cyberrights Editor, Wired
Rob Levine Music critic; contributing editor, The Web Magazine
Karen Libertore Online Producer, MacWorld Online
Jennife McDonald Literary Agent
Mark Meadows Creative Director, Construct Internet Design
Pamela Mendels Reporter, The New York Times CyberTimes
Sia Michel Contributing editor, The Web Magazine; associate editor, Spin
Erika Milvy Freelance writer
Lisa Palac Founding Editor of Future Sex
Tony Perkin Editor-in-Chief, Red Herring
David Pescovitz Author, Editor
Adam Philips Contributing Editor, The Web Magazine
Suzan Revah Contributing editor, The Web Magazine; associate editor, American Journalism Review
Derk Richardson Music, TV, and Film Critic
Henry Rosenthal Film Producer
Bob Sabat Managing Editor, SmartMoney
Nathan Schedroff Creative Director, VIVID Studios
Leonard Shlain Surgeon, Author
RU Sirius Author; Cofounder of Mondo 2000
Howard Smukler Attorney
J. Michael Straczynski Creator and Producer of Babylon 5
Jennifer Sucov Senior Editor, Folio
Eric Tyson Contributing Editor, The Web Magazine; Syndicated columnist; Author
Laura Victoria The Web Magazine Sex section Writer
Brad Wieners Editor, HardWired
Bernie Yee Author
Zak Zaidman Founder, Gravity, Inc.


Winners and nominees are generally named according to the organization or website winning the award, although the recipient is, technically, the web design firm or internal department that created the winning site and in the case of corporate websites, the designer's client. Web links are provided for informational purposes, both in the most recently available archive.org version before the awards ceremony and, where available, the current website. Many older websites no longer exist, are redirected, or have been substantially redesigned.

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