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Events in the year 1997 in Turkey.[1]



Necmettin Erbakan (up to 30 June)
Mesut Yılmaz (from 30 June)
Mesut Yılmaz (up to 30 June)
Necmettin Erbakan (from 30 June)

Ruling party and the main opposition[edit]

  • Ruling party
Welfare Party (RP) with coalition partner True Path Party (DYP)
Motherland Party (ANAP) with coalition partners Democratic Left Party (DSP) and Democrat Turkey Party (DTP)
  • Main opposition
Motherland Party (ANAP) (up to 30 June)
Welfare Party (RP) (from 30 June)



  • 8 January – Democrat Turkey Party was founded by Hüsamettin Cindoruk.
  • 11 January – Prime minister Necmettin Erbakan invited religious order leaders to his Office . This invitation caused political unrest
  • 24 January – Sabotage to Kirkuk–Ceyhan Oil Pipeline
  • 2 February – Beginning of a civil disobedience action 1 minute darkness for a continuous light by turning off the lights every night for 1 minute
  • 28 February – In a meeting of National Security Council the military members of the council asked for a secular administration (This event later on was ironically called post modern coup) [2]
  • 23 April – On children’s day, Tansu Çiller, the vice prime minister, announced that the compulsory education was raised from 5 years to 8 years
  • 15 May – Turkey enters northern Iraq with the stated aim of "supporting KDP actions against the PKK."[3]
  • 16 May – Yaşar Kemal won Peace Prize of the German Book Trade
  • 22 May – Four male and six female Turkish weightlifters won the gold medal in 1997 European Weightlifting Championships
  • 25 May – Galatasaray won the championship of the Turkish football league[4]
  • 21 June – Upon Necmettin Erbakan’s resignation, the president appointed Mesut Yılmaz to form the new government.
  • 25 October – Bus accident in Konya Province 49 deaths
  • 14 December – At the Luxembourg summit, the European Union decided to continue negotiations with Turkey



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