1998 Alberta Senate nominee election

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The 2nd Alberta Senate nominee election was held in Alberta, Canada, on October 19, 1998, in conjunction with the Alberta Municipal Elections. It was held to elect Alberta's candidates for appointment to the Senate of Canada.

In the first senate election held in 1989, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney had promised to advise the Governor General to appoint the winner of the election. In 1998, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien advised Governor General Adrienne Clarkson to appoint two senators for Alberta shortly before the vote.

Despite these appointments, two senator nominees were selected in a block vote, that was broken down along municipal electoral districts instead of provincial electoral districts. It was conducted by Elections Alberta, and candidates were registered with provincial parties.

Bert Brown and Ted Morton, both nominated by the Reform Party, won the election, but were not appointed to the Senate before their terms expired. No other provincial political party nominated candidates.

Election results[edit]

Affiliation Candidate Votes %
Reform Bert Brown 332,766 37.32%
Reform Ted Morton 274,126 30.75%
Independent Guy Desroslers 148,851 16.70%
Independent Vance Gough 135,840 15.24%

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