1998 MIAT Mongolian Airlines crash

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1998 MIAT Mongolian Airlines crash
A Harbin Y-12 similar to the one involved.
Date26 May 1998
SummaryControlled flight into terrain
Sitenear Erdenet, Orkhon, Mongolia
Aircraft typeHarbin Y-12
OperatorMIAT Mongolian Airlines
Flight originErdenet Airport, Erdenet, Mongolia
DestinationMörön Airport, Mörön, Mongolia

The 1998 MIAT Mongolian Airlines crash was a domestic flight that crashed on 26 May 1998, killing all on board. The flight departed Erdenet Airport at approximately 09:17am on a flight to Mörön with 26 passengers and 2 crew. While the plane was climbing to cruising altitude, approximately 13 minutes after departure, it struck the top of a 6,500 ft mountain killing all passengers and crew. Of the 26 passengers, 14 were adults and 12 were children.[1]

The aircraft[edit]

The Harbin Y-12, registration JU-1017 (cn 0064), first flew in 1992 and was flying for MIAT Mongolian Airlines. The aircraft was designed to hold 17 passengers, not 26.[citation needed]