1998 WNBA draft

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1998 WNBA draft
General information
Date(s) April 28, 1998
First selection Margo Dydek
WNBA draft

1998 WNBA draft – 27 January 1998

  • On January 27, 1998, a total of 4 players were assigned to two teams in no particular order.
  • On February 18, 1998, a WNBA expansion draft took place
  • On April 28, 1998, the regular WNBA draft took place.
  • On September 15, 1998, two more players were assigned for the expansion draft of 1999. See 1999 WNBA draft for more details.

Initial player allocation[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Cindy Brown (F)  United States Detroit Shock Long Beach State (from Seattle Reign, ABL)
2 Razija Mujanović (C)  Bosnia and Herzegovina Detroit Shock Bosnia and Herzegovina
3 Nikki McCray (G)  United States Washington Mystics Tennessee (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
4 Alessandra Santos de Oliveira (C)  Brazil Washington Mystics Brazil

Expansion draft[edit]

Pick Player Nationality New Team Former Team
1 Rhonda Blades (G)  United States Detroit Shock New York Liberty
2 Heidi Burge (F)  United States Washington Mystics Los Angeles Sparks
3 Tajama Abraham (C)  United States Detroit Shock Sacramento Monarchs
4 Penny Moore (F)  United States Washington Mystics Charlotte Sting
5 Tara Williams (G)  United States Detroit Shock Phoenix Mercury
6 Deborah Carter (F)  United States Washington Mystics Utah Starzz
7 Lynette Woodard (G)  United States Detroit Shock Cleveland Rockers
8 Tammy Jackson (F/C)  United States Washington Mystics Houston Comets

College draft[edit]

Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game

Round 1[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Małgorzata Dydek (C)  Poland Utah Starzz Poland
2 Ticha Penicheiro (G)  Portugal Sacramento Monarchs Old Dominion
3 Murriel Page (F/C)  United States Washington Mystics Florida
4 Korie Hlede (G)  Croatia Detroit Shock Duquesne
5 Allison Feaster (F)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Harvard
6 Cindy Blodgett (G)  United States Cleveland Rockers Maine
7 Tracy Reid (F/G)  United States Charlotte Sting North Carolina
8 Maria Stepanova (C)  Russia Phoenix Mercury Russia
9 Alicia Thompson (C)  United States New York Liberty Texas Tech
10 Polina Tzekova (F/C)  Bulgaria Houston Comets Bulgaria

Round 2[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
11 Olympia Scott (F/C)  United States Utah Starzz Stanford
12 Tangela Smith (F/C)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Iowa
13 Rita Williams (G)  United States Washington Mystics Connecticut
14 Rachael Sporn (F)  Australia Detroit Shock Australia
15 Octavia Blue (F)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Miami
16 Suzie McConnell Serio (G)  United States Cleveland Rockers Penn State
17 Christy Smith (G)  United States Charlotte Sting Arkansas
18 Andrea Kuklova (G/F)  Slovakia Phoenix Mercury Slovakia
19 Nadine Domond (G)  United States New York Liberty Iowa
20 Nyree Roberts (C)  United States Houston Comets Old Dominion

Round 3[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
21 LaTonya Johnson (F)  United States Utah Starzz Memphis
22 Quacy Barnes (C)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Indiana
23 Angela Hamblin (G/F)  United States Washington Mystics Iowa
24 Gergana Branzova (F)  Bulgaria Detroit Shock Florida International
25 Rehema Stephens (G)  United States Los Angeles Sparks UCLA
26 Tanja Kostic (F)  Sweden Cleveland Rockers Oregon State
27 Pollyanna Johns (C)  United States Charlotte Sting Michigan
28 Brandy Reed (F)  United States Phoenix Mercury Southern Mississippi
29 Albena Branzova (F)  Bulgaria New York Liberty Florida International
30 Amaya Valdemoro (F)  Spain Houston Comets Spain

Round 4[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
31 Tricia Bader (G)  United States Utah Starzz Boise State
32 Adia Barnes (F)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Arizona
33 Angela Jackson (C)  United States Washington Mystics Texas
34 Sandy Brondello (G)  Australia Detroit Shock Australia
35 Erica Kienast (F)  United States Los Angeles Sparks UC-Santa Barbara
36 Tammye Jenkins (C)  United States Cleveland Rockers Georgia
37 Sonia Chase (G)  United States Charlotte Sting Maryland
38 Karen Wilkins (G/F)  United States Phoenix Mercury Howard
39 Vanessa Nygaard (F)  United States New York Liberty Stanford
40 Monica Lamb-Powell (C)  United States Houston Comets Southern California