1998 Yangtze River floods

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1998 Yangtze River floods
Date June–September 1998
Location Yangtze River
Deaths 3,704

The 1998 Yangtze River floods (1998年中国洪水) was a major flood that lasted from middle of June to the beginning of September 1998 in China at the Yangtze River.[1]


In the summer of 1998, China experienced massive flooding of parts of the Yangtze River after massive torrential rains took place. Areas that were most threatened include the low-lying basins surrounding the Dongting and Poyang lakes, and surrounding counties in Hubei and Hunan.[2]


The event was considered the worst Northern China flood in 40 years.[3] The floods resulted in 3,704 dead, 15 million homeless and $2g.[4] Other sources report a total loss of 4150 people, and 180 million people were affected.[3] A staggering 25 million acres (100,000 km2) were evacuated, 13.3 million houses were damaged or destroyed.

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