1998 China floods

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1998 China floods
Date June–September 1998
Location Yangtze River, Nen River, Songhua River, Pearl River
Deaths 4,150

The 1998 China floods (1998年中国洪水) were a series of floods that lasted from middle of June to the beginning of September 1998 in China at the Yangtze River[1] as well as the Nen River, Songhua River[2] and the Pearl River.


In the summer of 1998, China experienced massive flooding including floods of the Yangtze River, the Nen River, the Songhua River and the Pearl River after massive torrential rains took place. Areas that were most threatened associated the Yangtze include the low-lying basins surrounding the Dongting and Poyang lakes, and surrounding counties in Hubei and Hunan.[3]


The event was considered the worst Northern China flood in 40 years.[4] The floods resulted in 3,704 dead, 15 million homeless and $2g.[5] Other sources report a total loss of 4150 people, and 180 million people were affected.[4] A staggering 100,000 square kilometres (25,000,000 acres) were evacuated, 13.3 million houses were damaged or destroyed.

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