1998 in piracy

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  • The London-based International Maritime Bureau reported worldwide acts of piracy had fallen to 198 as compared to 247 from the previous year as well as 67 deaths.
  • The 23 crew members of the MV Cheung Son were murdered by pirates. Eventually captured by Chinese authorities, the 13 suspects were later executed.
  • April – After seizing the Malaysian vessel Petro-Ranger, the pirates forced Captain Ken Blyth to sail to China where the ship was eventually stopped and impounded by authorities. While Blyth was arrested for ordering his crew to surrender to the pirates and imprisoned for 30 days, the pirates faced no charges after being returned to Indonesia.
  • September – The Japanese cargo ship Tenyu disappeared with a cargo of aluminium whilst en route from Indonesia to Korea. It was found three months later by Chinese authorities while docked at Zhangjiagang, its 15 crew members replaced by 16 Indonesians.
  • September – The United Kingdom abolished the death penalty for piracy.