1999–2000 French Rugby Union Championship

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1999–2000 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Stade Français (10th title)
Runners-up Colomiers
Relegated Montauban, Toulon, Racing Paris, Nîmes

The 1999–2000 French Rugby Union Championship was played by 24 teams divided in the preliminary phase in two pool of 12. The first two team of each pool were directly admitted to the quarter finals. The team classified from 3rd to 6th of each pool were admitted to a Barrage round. The four winners were admitted also to the quarter of finals.

Stade Français won the title beating in the final the Colomiers (at the first final of their history). It was the second victory for the Stade Français in the professional era.

Ath the end of the season four team were relegated to lower division: Montauban, Toulon, Racing Paris, Nîmes. There was only one promotion from second division, (Béziers), in order to reduce to 21 the number of clubs in first division in 1999–2000, and 16 in the 2000–01 season.

Teams Participating[edit]

Preliminary round[edit]

To Quarter of finals To barrage for title To barrage for relegation relegated to second division

Because of a 10 millions French Francs default, the Ligue Nationale de Rugby relegated the June 24, 2000 the RC Toulon in the second division.

A Barrage match was arranged between Aurillac and Racing Paris. It was won by Aurillac, that remain in first division.


24 jun. Dax - Biarritz 24–37
24 jun. Agen - Perpignan 32–33
24 jun. Colomiers - Bourgoin 20–18
24 jun. Montferrand - Brive 41–23

Quarter of finals[edit]

1 jul. Biarritz - Tolosa 18–28 o.t.
1 jul. Stade Français - Perpignan 25–15
1 jul. Pau - Montferrand 28–27
1 jul. Castres - Colomiers 15–29


8 jul. Toulose - Stade Français 13–30
8 jul. Pau - Colomiers 22–24


15 July 2000
Stade Français 28 – 23 Colomiers
Try: Dominici
Con: Dominguez (2)
Pen: Dominguez (3)
Try: Ntamack
Con: Skrela
Pen: Skrela (3)
Stade de France, Saint-Denis
Referee: Didier Mené
FB 15 South Africa Conrad Stoltz
RW 14 France Christophe Dominici
OC 13 France Franck Comba
IC 12 New Zealand Cliff Mytton
LW 11 France Nicolas Raffault
FH 10 Italy Diego Dominguez
SH 9 France Christophe Laussucq
N8 8 France Christophe Juillet (c)
OF 7 England Richard Pool-Jones
BF 6 France Christophe Moni Substituted off 63'
RL 5 France Hervé Chaffardon Substituted off 78'
LL 4 France David Auradou
TP 3 France Pieter de Villiers Substituted off 80+3'
HK 2 France Laurent Pedrosa Substituted off 46'
LP 1 France Sylvain Marconnet
HK 16 France Fabrice Landreau Substituted in 46'
PR 17 England Justin Wring Substituted in 80+3'
LK 18 New Zealand Darren George Substituted in 63'
FL 19 France Pierre Rabadan Substituted in 78' Substituted off 80+3'
SH 20 France Jérémie Foissac
FB 21 France Sylvain Jonnet
FB 22 France Arthur Gomes Substituted in 80+3'
no head coach
FB 15 France Jean-Luc Sadourny (c)
RW 14 France Sébastien Roque
OC 13 France Mickaël Carré
IC 12 France Jérôme Sieurac Substituted off 53'
LW 11 France Benjamin Lhande
FH 10 France David Skrela
SH 9 France Fabrice Culinat
N8 8 France Francis Ntamack
OF 7 France Patrick Tabacco
BF 6 France Bernard de Giusti Substituted off 28'
RL 5 France Jean-Marc Lorenzi Substituted off 63'
LL 4 France Jean-Philippe Revallier Substituted off 49'
TP 3 Samoa Jeremy Tomuli Substituted off 45'
HK 2 France Christophe Laurent Substituted off 49'
LP 1 France Stéphane Delpuech
HK 16 France Marc Dal Maso Substituted in 49'
PR 17 France Stéphane Graou Substituted in 45'
FL 18 France Philippe Magendie Substituted in 28'
FL 19 France Hervé Manent Substituted in 49'
N8 20 France Stéphane Peysson Substituted in 63'
SH 21 France Frédéric Pédoussaut
CE 22 France Laurent Marticorena Substituted in 53'
France Henri Auriol