1999 WNBA draft

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1999 WNBA draft
General information
Date(s) May 4, 1999
First selection Chamique Holdsclaw
WNBA draft

1999 WNBA draft – 6 April 1999

  • On September 15, 1998, two more players were assigned prior to the expansion draft.
  • On April 6, 1999, a WNBA expansion draft took place.
  • On May 3, 1999, another round of player allocation took place.
  • On May 4, 1999, the regular WNBA draft took place.
  • On December 15, 1999, an additional expansion draft took place for the 2000 WNBA season. See 2000 WNBA draft for more details.

Initial expansion player allocation[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Kristin Folkl (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx Stanford
2 Nykesha Sales (G/F)  United States Orlando Miracle Connecticut

Expansion draft[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Brandy Reed (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx (from Phoenix Mercury) Southern Mississippi
2 Andrea Congreaves (F)  United Kingdom Orlando Miracle (from Charlotte Sting) Mercer
3 Kim Williams (G)  United States Minnesota Lynx (from Utah Starzz) DePaul
4 Kisha Ford (G)  United States Orlando Miracle (from New York Liberty) Georgia Tech
5 Octavia Blue (G)  United States Minnesota Lynx (from Los Angeles Sparks) Miami (FL)
6 Yolanda Moore (F)  United States Orlando Miracle (from Houston Comets) Mississippi
7 Adia Barnes (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx (from Sacramento Monarchs) Arizona
8 Adrienne Johnson (G)  United States Orlando Miracle (from Cleveland Rockers) Ohio State

Post expansion draft player allocation[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Katie Smith (G/F)  United States Minnesota Lynx Ohio State (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
2 Shannon Johnson (G)  United States Orlando Miracle South Carolina (from Columbus Quest, ABL)

College draft[edit]

Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game

Round 1[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
1 Chamique Holdsclaw (G/F)  United States Washington Mystics Tennessee
2 Yolanda Griffith (F/C)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Florida Atlantic (from Chicago Condors, ABL)
3 Natalie Williams (C)  United States Utah Starzz UCLA (from Portland Power, ABL)
4 DeLisha Milton (F)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Florida (from Portland Power, ABL)
5 Jennifer Azzi (G)  United States Detroit Shock Stanford (from San Jose Lasers, ABL)
6 Crystal Robinson (F)  United States New York Liberty Southeastern Oklahoma State (from Colorado Xplosion, ABL)
7 Tonya Edwards (G)  United States Minnesota Lynx Tennessee (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
8 Tari Phillips (F)  United States Orlando Miracle Central Florida (from Colorado Xplosion, ABL)
9 Dawn Staley (G)  United States Charlotte Sting Virginia (from Philadelphia Rage, ABL)
10 Edna Campbell (G)  United States Phoenix Mercury Texas (from Colorado Xplosion, ABL)
11 Chasity Melvin (C)  United States Cleveland Rockers North Carolina State (from Philadelphia Rage, ABL)
12 Natalia Zassoulskaia (F)  Russia Houston Comets Russia

Round 2[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
13 Shalonda Enis (F)  United States Washington Mystics Alabama (from Seattle Reign, ABL)
14 Kedra Holland-Corn (G)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Georgia (from San Jose Lasers, ABL)
15 Debbie Black (G)  United States Utah Starzz St. Joseph's (from Colorado Xplosion, ABL)
16 Clarisse Machanguana (C)  Mozambique Los Angeles Sparks Old Dominion (from San Jose Lasers, ABL)
17 Val Whiting (C)  United States Detroit Shock Stanford (from Seattle Reign, ABL)
18 Michele Van Gorp (C)  United States New York Liberty Duke
19 Trisha Fallon (G/F)  Australia Minnesota Lynx Australia
20 Sheri Sam (F/G)  United States Orlando Miracle Vanderbilt (from San Jose Lasers, ABL)
21 Stephanie White-McCarty (G/F)  United States Charlotte Sting Purdue
22 Clarissa Davis-Wrightsil (F)  United States Phoenix Mercury Texas (from San Jose Lasers, ABL)
23 Mery Andrade (F)  United States Cleveland Rockers Old Dominion
24 Sonja Henning (G)  United States Houston Comets Stanford (from Portland Power, ABL)

Round 3[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
25 Andrea Nagy (G)  Hungary Washington Mystics Florida International (from Philadelphia Rage, ABL)
26 Kate Starbird (G)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Stanford (from Seattle Reign, ABL)
27 Adrienne Goodson (F)  United States Utah Starzz Old Dominion (from Chicago Condors, ABL)
28 Ukari Figgs (G)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Purdue
29 Dominique Canty (G/F)  United States Detroit Shock Alabama
30 Tamika Whitmore (C)  United States New York Liberty Memphis
31 Andrea Lloyd (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx Texas (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
32 Taj McWilliams-Franklin1 (C)  United States Orlando Miracle St. Edward's (from Philadelphia Rage, ABL)
33 Charlotte Smith (F)  United States Charlotte Sting North Carolina (from San Jose Lasers, ABL)
34 Lisa Harrison (F)  United States Phoenix Mercury Tennessee (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
35 Tracy Henderson (C)  United States Cleveland Rockers Georgia (from Nashville Noise, ABL)
36 Kara Wolters (C)  United States Houston Comets Connecticut (from New England Blizzard, ABL)

1Taj McWilliams-Franklin is the lowest draft pick to become a WNBA All-Star.

Round 4[edit]

Pick Player Nationality WNBA Team School/Club Team
37 Jenny Whittle (C)  Australia Washington Mystics Australia
38 Amy Herrig (C)  United States Sacramento Monarchs Iowa
39 Dalma Ivanyi (G)  Hungary Utah Starzz Florida International
40 La'Keshia Frett (F)  United States Los Angeles Sparks Georgia (from Philadelphia Rage, ABL)
41 Astou Ndiaye (F/C)  Senegal Detroit Shock Southern Nazarene (from Seattle Reign, ABL)
42 Carolyn Jones-Young (G)  United States New York Liberty Auburn (from New England Blizzard, ABL)
43 Sonja Tate (G)  United States Minnesota Lynx Arkansas State (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
44 Carla McGhee (F)  United States Orlando Miracle Tennessee (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
45 Angie Braziel (F)  United States Charlotte Sting Texas Tech
46 Amanda Wilson (F)  United States Phoenix Mercury Louisiana Tech
47 Kellie Jolly (G)  United States Cleveland Rockers Tennessee
48 Jennifer Rizzotti (G)  United States Houston Comets Connecticut (from New England Blizzard, ABL)
49 Angie Potthoff (F)  United States Minnesota Lynx Penn State (from Columbus Quest, ABL)
50 Elaine Powell (G)  United States Orlando Miracle LSU (from Portland Power, ABL)


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