1999 World Championships in Athletics – Men's high jump

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Events at the
1999 World Championships
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These are the official results of the Men's High Jump event at the 1999 IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Seville, Spain. There were a total number of 31 participating athletes, with two qualifying groups and the final held on Monday 23 August 1999.


Gold Russia Vyacheslav Voronin
Russia (RUS)
Silver Canada Mark Boswell
Canada (CAN)
Bronze Germany Martin Buß
Germany (GER)


Qualification Round
Group A Group B
21.08.1999 – 19:10h 21.08.1999 – 19:10h
Final Round
23.08.1999 – 19:25h


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best

Qualifying round[edit]

  • Held on Saturday 21 August 1999
1.  Kwaku Boateng (CAN) 2.29 m
 Vyacheslav Voronin (RUS)
 Dragutin Topić (YUG)
4.  Charles Austin (USA) 2.29 m
5.  Martin Buß (GER) 2.29 m
6.  Staffan Strand (SWE) 2.29 m
7.  Wilbert Pennings (NED) 2.29 m
8.  Abderahmane Hammad (ALG) 2.29 m
9.  Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.23 m
10.  Anthony Idiata (NGR) 2.20 m
 Konstantin Matusevich (ISR)
12.  Elvir Krehmić (BIH) 2.20 m
13.  Ben Challenger (GBR) 2.20 m
14.  Andriy Sokolovskyy (UKR) 2.15 m
15.  Lambros Papakostas (GRE) 2.15 m
 Metin Dormushev (TUR) NM

1.  Mark Boswell (CAN) 2.29 m
 Stefan Holm (SWE)
3.  Lee Jin-Taek (KOR) 2.29 m
4.  Brendan Reilly (IRL) 2.26 m
 Steve Smith (GBR)
6.  Wolfgang Kreissig (GER) 2.26 m
7.  Tim Forsyth (AUS) 2.26 m
8.  Dejan Miloševic (SLO) 2.23 m
9.  Sergey Dymchenko (UKR) 2.23 m
10.  Jan Janku (CZE) 2.23 m
11.  Jean-Claude Rabbath (LIB) 2.20 m
12.  Sergey Klyugin (RUS) 2.20 m
13.  Henry Patterson (USA) 2.20 m
14.  Charles Clinger (USA) 2.15 m
15.  Takahiro Kimino (JPN) 2.15 m


Med 1.png  Vyacheslav Voronin (RUS) 2.37 m
Med 2.png  Mark Boswell (CAN) 2.35 m
Med 3.png  Martin Buß (GER) 2.32 m
4.  Dragutin Topić (YUG) 2.32 m
5.  Staffan Strand (SWE) 2.29 m
6.  Kwaku Boateng (CAN) 2.29 m
 Lee Jin-Taek (KOR)
8.  Charles Austin (USA) 2.29 m
 Brendan Reilly (IRL)
10.  Wilbert Pennings (NED) 2.25 m
 Abderahmane Hammad (ALG)
 Stefan Holm (SWE)
 Steve Smith (GBR) NM