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The year 1999 in archaeology involved some significant events.





  • Penelope M. Allison (ed.) – The Archaeology of Household Activities.
  • Victor Buchli – An Archaeology of Socialism.
  • John Carman and Anthony Harding (ed.) – Ancient Warfare: archaeological perspectives.
  • Chris Gosden and Jon Hather (ed.) – The Prehistory of Food: appetites for change.
  • Matthew Johnson – Archaeological Theory: an introduction.
  • Thomas Stöllner – Der prähistorische Salzbergbau am Dürrnberg bei Hallein: Forschungsgeschichte, Forschungsstand, Forschungsanliegen, Bd 1.
  • July–August issue of Archaeology asks: "Is Schliemann Mask a Fake?". Some scholars, noting that the "Mask of Agamemnon" is significantly different from the others found at the site, contend that Schliemann had some of the features added to make the mask appear more heroic to viewers of his day.





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