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Years in rail transport

This article lists events related to rail transport that occurred in 1999.


January events[edit]

March events[edit]

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August events[edit]

September events[edit]

The crew of the Kosovo Train for Life in front of the train upon its arrival in Kosovo

October events[edit]

  • October – SY class 2-8-2 #1772 is completed at Tangshan, People's Republic of China, thought to be the world's last steam locomotive built for commercial service. She is delivered to the Tiefa Mining Railway.
  • October 5 – The Ladbroke Grove rail crash occurs at Ladbroke Grove Junction, a few miles west of London Paddington station, when two passenger trains collide nearly head-on killing 31 and injuring 400; the cause is attributed to the placement of a signal (showing a stop indication) that could not be seen far enough down the track for drivers to react in time.[14]
  • October 18 – After 15 months, three months ahead of schedule, the $74 million project to rebuild the Franklin Avenue Shuttle in New York City is completed; the shuttle as well as four stations reopen for service.[2]
  • October 22 – Romeriksporten, Norway's longest railway tunnel, is taken into use.

November events[edit]

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North America[edit]

1999 E. H. Harriman Awards
Group Gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
A Norfolk Southern Railway Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway CSX Transportation
B Illinois Central Railroad Kansas City Southern Railway NJ Transit
C Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railroad Guilford Rail System
S&T Belt Railway of Chicago Port Terminal Railroad Association Patapsco and Back Rivers Railroad
Awards presented by Railway Age magazine

United Kingdom[edit]

Train Operator of the Year


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