19th Infantry Division (Ottoman Empire)

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The 19th Infantry Division was a formation of the Ottoman Turkish Army, during the Balkan Wars, and the First World War. It is widely believed by present day Arab historians that two-thirds of the Ottoman Army were Arab conscripts from what is today Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and 'Palestine'.[1] And of the 87,000 Ottoman troops who died defending Gallipoli, many were Arabs.


Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal
  • 57th Regiment: Major Avni
    • 1st Battalion Captain Ahmet Zeki
    • 2nd Battalion Captain Ata
    • 3rd Battalion Captain Hayri
  • 72nd Regiment: Major Mehmet Münir
  • 77th Regiment: Captain Saip
  • 39th Artillery Regiment: Major Halil Kemal