19th Oregon Legislative Assembly

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Senate President Joseph Simon

The 19th Oregon Legislative Assembly was scheduled to convene January 11, 1897. The Senate organized, but the House failed to do so. In the House, two factions formed, neither of which had enough members to constitute a quorum.[1]

The Senate elected Joseph Simon as its president for the term, and conducted what business it could without the House's support. It stayed in session for 40 days. Due to the House's failure to organize, no legislation was passed during the session, and Oregon failed to elect a United States Senator.[2] Henry L. Benson and E. J. Davis were the Speakers chosen by the two rival factions; neither served as Speaker during any other session.[citation needed]

The legislature held a special session in 1898, from September 26 to October 15.[3] During that session, Simon was chosen as U.S. Senator, filling a seat that had been vacant for nearly two years.[2] E. V. Carter served as House speaker during the special session.

William Paine Lord was governor during the 19th Legislative Assembly, serving the final two years of his single 4-year term.

Members of the House[edit]

Legislator County District Party
H. L. Barkley Woodburn, Marion 30 R
J. B. Bayer Portland, Multnomah 36 R
Henry L. Benson Grants Pass, Josephine 21 R
L. Bilyeu Eugene, Lane 23 D
Jonathan Bourne, Jr. Portland, Multnomah 37 R
J. T. Bridges Drain, Douglas 14 R
J. N. Brown Hopper, Morrow 35 R
Thomas Buckman Bandon, Coos 10 P
E. W. Chapman Brooks, Marion 31 R
Virgil Conn Paisley, Lake, Klamath 22 R
David Craig Macleay, Marion 32 R
A. M. Crawford Roseburg, Douglas 13 R
J. E. David Crow, Sherman 16 R
E. J. Davis Milton, Umatilla 50 R
James N. Davis Portland, Multnomah 38 R
C. S. Dustin Long Creek, Grant, Harney 17 P
O. C. Emery Newberg, Yamhill 60 U
John Gill Chase, Yamhill, Tillamook 49 U
John E. Gratke Astoria, Clatsop 7 D
H. G. Guild Sheridan, Yamhill 59 U
J. S. Gurdane Ridge, Umatilla 51 R
George H. Hill Portland, Multnomah 39 R
H. A. Hogue Portland, Multnomah 40 R
I. W. Hope Vale, Malheur 29 R
J. J. Howser Sams Valley, Jackson 19 P
Harvey S. Hudson Gaston, Washington 56 R
Bela S. Huntington The Dalles, Wasco 47 R
C. E. Jennings Joseph, Wallowa 55 R
F. N. Jones Baker, Wasco 48 R
J. H. Kruse Oswego, Clackamas 6 P
E. R. Lake Corvallis, Benton 3 R
Nat Langell Jacksonville, Jackson 20 R
I. J. Lee Independence, Polk 45 D
G. W. Marsh Cornelius, Washington 57 R
A. L. Maxwel Portland, Multnomah 41 R
J. W. McAllister La Grande, Union 53 P
Normal Merrill Clatskanie, Columbia 9 R
R. W. Misener Mitchell, Crook 12 D
McKinley Mitchell Corvallis, Marion 33 R
T. M. Munkers Scio, Linn 28 P
W. H. Nosler Coquille City, Coos 11 P
George Ogle Molalla, Clackamas 5 P
D. G. Palm Lorane, Lane 24 R
D. L. Povey Portland, Multnomah 42 R
George W. Riddle Riddle, Douglas 15 R
W. T. Rigby Pendleton, Umatilla 52 R
G. F. Schmidtlein Woodville, Jackson 18 P
J. N. Smith Salem, Marion 34 R
Johnson S. Smith Linn 27
John M. Somers Albany, Linn 26 R
F. S. Stanley Perry, Union 54 R
N. J. Svindseth Astoria, Clatsop 8 P
W. E. Thomas Portland, Multnomah 43 R
J. R. C. Thompson Tulatin, Washington 58 R
William Simon U'Ren Milwaukie, Clackamas 4 P
T. J. Vaughan Coburg, Lane 25 R
J. A. Veness Independence, Polk 46 R
Henry Wagner Portland, Multnomah 44 R
John Whitaker Corvallis, Benton 2 P
D. W. Yoakum Express, Baker 1 P

Members of the Senate[edit]

Legislator County District Party
George W. Bates Portland, Multnomah 19 R
George C. Brownell Oregon City, Clackamas 3 R
John F. Calbreath McMinnville, Yamhill 30 R
Tolbert Carter Wells, Benton, Lincoln 2 R
Bernard Daly Lakeview, Crook, Klamath, Lake 8 D
S. A. Dawson Albany, Linn 15 R
I. D. Driver Eugene, Lane 13 R
Enoch B. Dufur The Dalles, Gilliam, Sherman, Wasco 10 D
Alonzo Gesner Salem, Marion, Clackamas 4 R
A. W. Gowan Burns, Harney, Grant, Morrow 11 R
C. E. Harmon Grants Pass, Coos, Curry, Josephine 7 R
J. E. Haseltine Portland, Multnomah 20 R
W. H. Hobson Stayton, Marion 17 R
S. H. Holt Phoenix, Jackson 12 P
Samuel Hughes Forest Grove, Washington 29 R
Archie J. Johnson Scio, Linn 16 R
Will R. King Baker City, Baker, Malheur 1 P
Donald Mackay Portland, Multnomah 21 R
J. H. McClung Eugene, Lane 14 R
John Mitchell The Dalles, Wasco, Sherman 25 R
B. F. Mulkey Dallas, Polk 24 R
Isaac Lee Patterson Cincinnati (Eola), Marion, Polk 18 R
George W. Patterson[4] Hillsboro, Columbia, Tillamook, Washington 6 R
A. R. Price Weston, Umatilla 26 R
A. W. Reed Gardiner, Douglas 9 R
Ben Selling Portland, Multnomah 22 R
Joseph Simon Portland, Multnomah 23 R
John H. Smith Astoria, Clatsop 5 D
Thomas C. Taylor Pendleton, Umatilla, Union 27 R
Justus Wade Summerville, Union, Wallowa 28 P

See also[edit]

  • John H. Mitchell, a U.S. Senator whose campaign for reelection was involved in the House's failure to organize.


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