1 Day

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This article is about the 2009 film. For other topics with similar titles, see One Day (disambiguation).
1 Day
1 Day film.jpg
Directed by Penny Woolcock[1]
Written by Penny Woolcock
Starring Dylan Duffus
Duncan Tobias
Yohance Watson
Ohran Whyte
Release date
  • 6 November 2009 (2009-11-06)
Running time
102 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £2,000,000 (estimated)[citation needed]

1 Day is a 2009 British crime film about gangs and their communities in inner city Birmingham.[2][3] The story follows Flash as he attempts to get £100,000 to his boss Angel in less than 24 hours or face certain death.[4] The film is street-cast and features no professional actors.


Flash (Dylan Duffus) receives a phone call from Angel (Yohance Watson) announcing that he's being released early from prison and wants the £500,000 he's left Flash for safekeeping. Flash is £100,000 short of the full amount and is pushed for time. Flash is forced to strike a deal with Evil (Duncan Tobias) who more than lives up to his name. The movie follows Flash's race against time as he is pursued by a rival gang called The Zampa Boys as Flash is part of OSC (Old Street Crew). He is also pressured by his three irate baby mothers and his grandmother.



The film has received a mixed reception amongst film critics.[5][6][7][8][9]

In Birmingham it was withdrawn from the Odeon Cinemas chain, on the advice of the West Midlands Police. The West Midlands Police say they did not give such a statement.[10][11]


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