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1 E6 m - Click on the relevant thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: left is 1e6m, right is 1e13m. Click on information icon bottom-left for description of image. 1 E7 m 1 E8 m 1 E9 m 1 E10 m 1 E11 m 1 E12 m 1 E13 m 1 E14 m 1 E15 m 1 E16 m 1 E17 m
Click on the thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: top-left is 1e6m, lower-right is 1e17m. (Image description)
Small planets, the Moon and dwarf planets in our solar system have diameters from one to ten million metres. Top row: Mars (left), Mercury (right); bottom row: Moon (left), Pluto (center), and Haumea (right), to scale.

To help compare different orders of magnitude this page lists lengths starting at 106 m (1 Mm or 1,000 km).

Distances shorter than 106 metres


1 megametre is equal to:

Human-defined scales and structures[edit]




Distances longer than 107 m


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